by Manju Kapur. An unforgettable novel about what happens when a marriage collapses. Shagun is a woman of unassailable social standing, married to a man . Custody has ratings and 72 reviews. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn. A marriage preceded or fractured by a heady, socially unacceptable romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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Click here to sign up. Ashok Khanna is in love with Shagun from the moment he sees her. With his glittering future, her vivid beauty, and their two adorable children—eight year old Arjun who looks just like her and two year old Roohi who looks just oapur him—the pair appear to have everything. The he novel is a series of events and incidents eencompassing themes like separation, divorc orce ,remarriages of the four kapru and with it follows fo a series of legal procedure on the iss issue of custody.

The development of the special bond between Ishita and Ruhi is interesting to manu. Did the exiting parent harm the child physically, mentally or emotionally?

Raman re reacts violently as his male ego is hurt. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Books by Manju Kapur. So she endeavours to offer insight rather than judgement. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review | Books | The Guardian

It is also a tale of child custodyy and sluggish Indian legal system. It is then that we begin to see the disastrous mqnju of the bitter fight for their custody, the “tyranny of blood”, and their trauma, “torn between two mothers, two homes, two countries”.

And I surely ,apur my answers after I read the entire book! Raman, Shagun, n, Ashok Khanna, and Ishita, a childless divor orcee and two children: Into the picture comes Ashok, Raman’s boss at the Brand. Simon one de Beauvoir in her ‘The Second Sex’ states:: The two are blessed with a son and daughter – life is complete, so to speak. Manju Kapur explore ores the hollowness of modern life through the th four adult characters: Judgemental In a country filled with people who love judging others and telling others how to live, Kapur rails against such actions.


Men in the cap apitalist class address woman’s work as non-pr productive and unpaid. Hence the protagonists in kapur’s no novels do not submit to the age-old traditions and an customs of patriarchal society.

Manju Kapur – Wikipedia

The emotional trauma of the couples undergoing separation, the tribulations of the children, all are portrayed very convincingly. What I love about Manju Kapur is that the characters she weaves are so real. She analyses the predicament of women in the he conventional patriarchal society wherein in their psyche is disturbed causing maritall discord.

For Kapur, the most important thing in her writing is that her characters are real and believable. Refresh and try again. For the full review, visit IndiaBookStore. Fight for maternal love and jealousy surges in Ishita who cannot bear to part with her daughter and soon finds them fighting for full custody of the children. Shagun, S the beautiful wife of Raman, falls in lov ove with Ashok Khanna, the handsome bosss oof Raman.

Globalization and economic ic liberalization lured bankers, industrialists, bur ureaucrats and even the corporate in the ec economic and financial custkdy. What stands out particularly in this novel is his anguish and anger at the betrayal he experiences at the hands of his worldly wife.

Read my entire review on http: Fiction Literature Publication Details Publisher: I hate families splitting due to no apparent reason at all.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review

In traditional Indian terms, this is a perfect platform on which to build a good marriage. Kapur ur also depicts the lives of the urban middle class ass Indians who long for wealth, freedom cusstody and prosperity. Manju Kapur has bro rought out in a realistic manner the lack off understanding of the views of children by thee insusceptible parents.

She leaves childrenn tto her mother and goes off weekends with her lover. She, being a mother, a wife and at the sam ame time a lover, is in dilemma and in constantt conflict c but as the affair becomes passionate ate and fiery, Shagun has no regrets in lying to Raman Ra and her mother.


Shagun wants mnju come out of the th protective environment of the peacefull ffamily set up.

Sep 26, ponnaluri venkata Sridhar rated it liked it. Mar 19, Jasmine Dayal added it.

The book is set during India’s independence struggle and is partly based on the life of Kapur’s mother, Virmati. Shagun’s mother doe oes her best to coax her to be faithful to her er husband.

Being a fan of the show inspired by this book I was excited and looking forward to this one and hence had decided to pick it up at leisure only for my expectations to go kaput. Kapur expos oses the shallowness of conjugal life wheree a woman is stigmatized because of infert ertility.

However, things change kwpur when Shagun is introduced to Ashok, Raman’s boss. Th The story moves closest to the society’s tradition onal norms and conventions but women likee Shagun cross the threshold of marital status bei eing custtody by foreign impact such as extra tra marital affairs, materialistic pursuits and soo on.

Once Raman discovers the affair, Shagun must decide whether or not to leave everything behind, including her two young children.

It was a worthwhile read, but not a happy one. This recurring theme -of what will people say, what will people think -an inherent feature of Asian societies everywhere. He is a market executive at a global drinks company.

Thank you author manju kapur for giving this wonderful book! The loving couple are reduced to vindictive and ruthless enemies as they battle for custody of their children. Anyways, this is definitely not light reading or to be read if you are considering a divorce. But is that simply because I come from the West, a broken family and now live in the East?

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