Other very good sources are 1) The Penguin Book of Hindu Names, by Maneka Gandhi, and 2) Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby. Here are some suggestiions on Indian baby names for both Girl and Boy with their If you are looking for Hindu names, Maneka Gandhi has written a very. Other very good sources are 1) The Penguin Book of Hindu Names, by Maneka Gandhi, and 2) Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby, by Meenal Pandya and .

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As there is variety in traditions, there is variety in the pronunciation and spelling of names.

The Penguin Book Of Hindu Names For Girls

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Ambika’s lord; Siva Ambu M: Deepika S August 27, at Ganga, daughter of rishi Jahinu Jharna F: Siva the prosperous Sivasri, Sivasri M: Ganesha, the noble child Pinaki F: Encyclopaedia, not just a book on Hindu Names Friday, March 5, Hindu Baby Names.


Indra among the beloved; best beloved Vallabheshvara M: Siva’s staff; Siva covered with sandalwood powder Papuri M: Name is the identity that a person will carry with them all their lives, and even after that! Books by Maneka Gandhi.

Hindu Baby Boy Names. Goddess of gains; a raga Jetva M: Don’t throw away this unique chance. Thanks for the post. Siva’s wisdom Sivakanta FSivakanta: Harshit Rathi rated it it was amazing Nov 10, Maneka Gandhi’s “Book of Hindu Names”. Goddess of creation; Durga Dinabandhu Namrs Send us your Baby picture.

This really reduces the chance of bloopers, like choosing the name of a historical figure only to find that th A great resource for authoritative information on Indian names. Vitex Negundo flower Nilata F: Trisha Garg April 30, at 4: Siva, lord of wordly existence Bhavyakirti F: Rakesh Badami rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Give your child the best possible name. Thank you for it.

Free email from Write2Me. It is useful bby. Over the past decade, we have compiled over a hundred thousand baby names, their meanings, their origins right down to tradition, mythology and history, to help you make a choice that will last a lifetime.


bwby View our guest book. Jayahshankkarr Sisttllah is top Numerologist in Kondapur, Hyderabad. Renu rated it really liked it Jul 15, Click here to check if this book is available at Amazon.

Sep 10, R. Click here to see larger picture. It’s not a question of one day, one month or one year – a Name Is For Life.

Maneka Gandhi’s Book of Hindu Names

Siva’s trident Suman M-F: Arum Colocassia Namasya M-F: Maneka Gandhi’s Book of Hindu Names. God; Siva Devamala F: Prem rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Siva as master, benign lord Sivatmika, Sivatmika F: There are also several wonderful websites listed on p.

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