Story of Malhari Mahatmya (Khandoba) – Malhari Mahatmya is a literary work done in Marathi language that narrates the story of Khandoba. Khandoba (IAST: Khaṇḍobā), Martanda Bhairava or Malhari, is a Hindu deity worshiped as a The legends of Khandoba, found in the text Malhari Mahatmya and also narrated in folk songs, revolve around his victory over demons Mani- malla. Explore More · Malhari Kulkarni. Follow. (Publications: 2 | Followers: 0). Mobile. Download. 0. Embed. Share. Upload. malhari mahatmya. malhari mahatmya.

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A tali dish is filled with coconuts, fruits, betel nuts, saffron, turmeric Bhandar and Bel leaves.

Stanley describes Khandoba as “a moon god, who has become a sun god”, emphasizing on how the moon imagery of Shiva transforms into the solar iconography of Khandoba in the Malhari Mahatmya. Khandoba revealed his real form to Banai on their way back to Jejuri.

Deshasth Brahmans and Marathas observe the Champasashthi festival every year in honour of Khandoba. Naranjanamadhva in stotra hymn dedicated to Khandoba calls him “an illustrious king with rich clothes and a horse with a saddle studded with jewels”, who was once “an ascetic beggar who ride an old bull and carried an ant-bitten club khatvanga ” — a humorous take on the Puranic Shiva. Sontheimer suggests that the cult of Khandoba is at least older than 12th century, which can be determined by references in Jain and Lingayat texts and inscriptions.

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He is the most popular Kuladaivat family deity in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, a female demon named Dhrutmari was born. Khandoba is one of the most popular among the deities of Maharashtra.

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Story of Malhari Mahatmya (Khandoba)

Turmeric is offered to the deities. The foremost centre of Khandoba worship is Jejuri in Maharashtra. The fourth wife Phulai Malin, from the gardener or Mali casteShe was a particular Murali and is thus a deified devotee of Khandoba.

Aquarius Traits and Personality Prediction. Banai is believed to the daughter of Indrathe king of the gods or as Incarnation of Godess Ganga. Often, Khandoba is depicted mwhatmya a warrior seated on horseback with one or both of his wives and accompanied with one or more dogs.

There, she felt in love with God Khandoba. Maharashtrains call the god — Kanadya Khanderayathe god from Karnataka.

Attributes of Shiva Khandoba is said to possess the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Karthikeya and Surya together in one form.

On reaching Jejuri, Khandoba was greeted by Mhalsa’s fury and her strong protest of his second marriage. The name “Mallari” or “Malhari” is split as “Malla” and “ari” enemythus meaning “enemy of the demon Malla”. Khandoba also fell in her love. He is earnestly worshipped by the people of farming and herding castes as their family deity.

Martanda “blazing orb” is a name of Surya, while Bhairava is a form of Shiva.


It says that two shivlingas appeared at Prempuri, the place where Khandoba killed the demons. Dhere, two stone inscriptions in C.

Welcome To Shree Kshetra Jejuri – Khandoba

He is viewed as a “king” of his followers. Khandoba accepted a self-exile for 12 years by intentionally losing a game of chess Saripat to his wife Mhalsa. Mhalsa is believed to be a combined avatara of Mohini and Parvati. After then meditate Japa my name mqlhari thousand times, so the enemies will destroy.

Home Map Site Map. Add to Spiritual Diary. By the 13th century, wide worship of Malhari or Mailara is observed by kings, Brahmins, simple folk and warriors. They laugh at Shiva. Powered By Versatile Software. E mentioning the folk deities Mailara and his consort Malavva which suggests that Mailara gained popularity in Karnataka in this period.

Then, a coconut is placed on a pot filled with water and the pot is worshipped as an embodiment of Khandoba. It is also said that at the place where Khandoba killed the demons, two Shivlingas appeared. Popular Prakashan and Anthropological Survey of India.

And in this regard, we may say he is a composite deity whose mention is found in mayatmya history since 9th century.

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