Malavikagnimitra is a Sanskrit play by Kalidasa. It is known to be his first play. The principal characters of Malavikagnimitra include Malavika. Agnimitra, who is the hero of Kalidasa’s ‘Malvikagnimitram’ was a king of which of the following dynasties? [A] Sunga [B] Kanva [C] Satavahana [D] Maurya. Kālidāsa. Indological Book House, – Sanskrit drama – pages The Malavikagnimitra0: A Sanskrit Play by Kālidāsa. QR code for Malavikagnimitra .

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The red dye of the lower lip resembling a Bimba fruit is surpassed in hue by the red Asoka ; the Kurabaka flowers of the blue, yellow and red types excel the ornamentation of faces by green leaves; the part played by a black mark on the forehead is here much better performed by sesame flowers with bees sticking to them like collyrium. You have forgotten a certain step. English Prose Translation of Malavikagnimitram, the first play composed by the great poet Kalidasa.

The above quotation fancies that in days of old learned men assembled to take stock of poets.

Malavikagnimitram (Malavika and Agnimitra)

And the Sun shines in the fulness- of his rays as you in the fulness of your kingly qualities. She taunts her husband with the word sre and beats him with her girdle and refuses to be reconciled even by his prostration. Kalidass intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden!

Hallooh l My left aye throbs a little!

Ah, my beloved, look at the oddity of love. I am her servant in private, not she for me. The queen will suspect ipartiality in the matter. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. For— An enemy- recently established in kingdom, not having taken root in the minds of his subjects, is easy of extirpation just like a tree infirm by reason of fresh planting.

Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. There was a problem with your submission.


Both in drama and poetry, Kalidasa stands not only unsurpassed but even unrivalled. Owing to the attachment of you both, I am at your absolute disposal. Please try again later.

Kausiki, A Character in Malavikagnimitra of Kalidasa

Approaching the king suddenly Does the daylight engagement of the couple serve the purpose kalidsa The story is also narrated how in spite of the best efforts of Dharini, the king comes to know of Malavika by means of a picture, whereby the love of the king for Malavika is faintly suggested. Kausiki is a minor character in a Sanskrit play, Agnimitra and Malavika. Malavika is now particularly guarded from the sight of the king. After seeing a lotus-tank, an elephant does not mind the presence of a whale.

The peacock, desirous of drinking- drops of water flung up, approaches the revolving water-fountain. Vidushaka suggested that running away from this place could alone save him from this uncomfortable situation.

Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa – English Translation | Sanskrit eBooks

You can download it from the following ,alavikagnimitra — Malvikagnimitra Natak. Your Holiness, I shall, in my own letters to my worthy friend, put in words of congratulation on your behalf. Approaching May you prosper. It was only a few minutes after the king had reached Dharini’s palace and was exchanging formal courtesies, when the vidushaka entered crying loudly that while picking flowers for presenting to the queen, he had been stung by a snake.

A forum dedicated for talking about anything related to Indian reference. I now desire to hear bis ultimatum. Then, let us go behind the back of the woman in charge of the garden.


To please Iravatl the queen commits Malavika to prison with strict orders not to release except on production of token from the- queen. In spite of his political direction in matters of State, Agnimitra appears as a passive hero, thoroughly dependent on Vidushaka his minister for the success of his love affair. After some dissent, the queen is obliged to consqnt’to the course for the sake of Ganadasa.

The word is always plural. This trait is brought out by the servant -maid in the Third Act thus: Amlavikagnimitra ought to be taken pity upon by Providence. It is or equal courtesy to all wedded wives that is conspicuously brought to play throughout the- drama.


Intensely red loving and fit ‘for your enjoyment, here stands in your front— Malavika. Indignantly J How does this reckless. Vastu-nirdeia, the third kind of Mangala, consists in a mere reference to some sublime object or a mention of some auspicious word or words. King, Friend, this is sufficient for lovers.

Nay, the lalidasa of the tabor will itself rouse us.

Queen, it comes to this, that the choice of a bad kalidasaa itself bespeaks want of wisdom on the part of the teacher. It has been already pointed out when dealing with the date malavikzgnimitra Kalidasa that Kalidasa lived very near the reign of Agnimitra, though not actually his contemporary. Aside There is near at hand honey for your eyes, but in the company of the bee. You could read the books online or download them kwlidasa any batch-downloading software or by using DLI Viewer aupasana.

Common is this happiness to them and to me. The king gives directions to his minister that the conquered kingdom of Vidarbha should be divided into two, halves and that Yajnasena and Madhavasena should be established in them separately. Kalidzsa are not the feet of Malavika which would bring about the fruition of a delightful Dohada for you. Truly it is said, the life of lovers depends upon lady-messengers. I shall just inform T. But this one does put forth flowers and also bears fruit.

A person though possessed of eyes, does not see an object in darkness without the aid of a lamp. Going near Glory to Your Highness. Girl Nipunika, is what you said true, that the venerable Gautama was seen alone by Chandrika in the courtyard of the summer-house?

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