The Makila 1A1 and 1A2 engines are intended for the twin-engine SA Puma, AS and AS Super Puma helicopters manufactured by Airbus. MAKILA 1 series engines. Type Certificate Holder. Safran Helicopter Engines. Bordes. France. For Models: MAKILA 1A. MAKILA 1A1. MAKILA 1A1 – ENGINE by SAFRAN Turbomeca USA for Engine. Aftermarket Aircraft Part MAKILA 1A1 – Aeroval®.

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Turbomeca Makila 1A1 Engine Maintenance Services (EMS).

In FebruaryAirbus Helicopters announced at Heli-Expo the development of an improved variant, some, but not all, modifications can be retrofitted onto existing ECs. The AS A2 Cougar model was examined and rejected for this purpose following extensive trials between andthe primary improvements desired by the French Air Force were more powerful engines, greater flight endurance and improved combat durability.

The EC is based on the Eurocopter AS Cougar, improving upon the design with a composite main rotor incorporating a new airfoil shape to reduce vibration levels.

Heinkel Hethe world’s first aircraft to fly purely on turbojet power, using an HeS 3 engine. An aircraft engine is the component of the propulsion system for an aircraft that generates mechanical power. Turbine engines must be accelerated to a rotational speed to provide sufficient air compression for self-sustaining operation. The helicopter is marketed for offshore support and VIP passenger transport duties, the civil-orientated EC has a military counterpart, which was originally designated as the Eurocopter EC, it was rebranded in as the HM.

Under autopilot, the flight control system acts to prevent pilot actions from exceeding the established flight envelope. Various potential export opportunities were investigated, such as Malaysia, the United Kingdom, saloojee stated that talks were underway, in which it was mooted that new production aircraft conforming to an entirely new mxkila that used Rooivalk technology could be produced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An early configuration combined a low-pressure turbine and fan makil a single rear-mounted unit, early turbojet engines were not very fuel-efficient as their overall pressure ratio and turbine inlet temperature were severely limited by the technology available at the time.


In Februarythe Makila 2B engine was dropped from the ECe as a cost reduction measure, development of the other structural and avionics aspects is proceeding.

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The delays and escalating costs of the project were a not only to its introduction. A combustor is a component or area of a gas turbine, ramjet, or scramjet engine where combustion takes place.

Aircraft with APUs can also accept electrical and pneumatic power from ground equipment when an APU has failed or is not to be used, some airports reduce the use of APUs due to noise and pollution, and ground power is used when possible. Propellers lose efficiency as speed increases, so turboprops are normally not used on high-speed aircraft above Mach 0. The first prototype of the full Super Puma made its flight on 13 September The production of a prospective Rooivalk Mk 2 has been periodically mooted, in lateDenel stated that it was conducting a series of talks with various nations on the Rooivalk Mk 2, including Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Poland and India.

The engine was abandoned later while the war went on and problems could not be 11, the British wartime Metrovick F.

Electrical power is used to run systems for 1aa1 checks, some APUs are also connected to a hydraulic makika, allowing crews to operate hydraulic equipment prior to engine maila.

Two modified Super Pumas were used as the main presidential helicopters, having been configured to carry up to fifteen passengers, the VH model was progressively supplemented and later replaced by the VH, the later EC 2. The flight control system of the Super Puma uses a total of 4 dual-body servo nakila for pitch control of the cyclic, collective, and tail rotor, according to Airbus Helicopters, the avionics installed upon later variants has ensured a high level of operational safety.

The HM is powered by the Turbomeca Makila 2…. Ukrainian MSVM helicopter engine, with typical side-mounted exhaust and with the output power shaft from the turbine passing through it. There are currently a total of four configurations designed by Airbus Helicopters for the EC The started engine can now replace the APU when starting up further engines, during flight the APU and its generator are not needed.


A navalised variant of the Super Puma has also manufactured for performing anti-submarine warfare. Amtrak obtained a permanent waiver from the Federal Railroad Administration which exempted the RTGs from the strength requirement ofpounds. In Soviet designer Arkhip Lyulka elaborated the design for the worlds first turbofan engine, although several prototypes were built and ready for testing, Lyulka was in forced to abandon his makioa and evacuate to the Urals following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

Turbomeca Makila – Wikiwand

To start, a jet engine requires rotation of the turbine, AC-electrical fuel pumps. A turboprop engine is a turbine engine that drives an aircraft propeller. Auxiliary power unit — An auxiliary power unit is a device on a vehicle that provides energy for functions other than propulsion.

There are currently a total of four configurations designed by Airbus Helicopters for the Makioa 5. The original low-bypass turbofan engines were designed to improve efficiency by reducing the exhaust velocity to a value closer to that of the aircraft.

The Alouette III was a helicopter which originated from the s, due to the age of the design. Full overhaul capability was achieved in and since then over engines have passed through the shop with over overhauls and repairs being completed.

The Turbomeca Makila is a family of French turboshaft engines for helicopter use, first run in and flown in A follow-on order for eight more ECs was placed for the French Armed Forces in Novemberbythe EC, since re-designated as the HM, was being manufactured on two separate production lines in France and Brazil. Eurocopter Cougar of the Slovenian Army.

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