Dr. Mahmoodur Rahman Committee has submitted its report on the Conditions of Muslims in Maharashtra to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Excerpts of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, published in Indian weekly This commission of Inquiry was appointed by the President of Pakistan in. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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Inthe state government contacted Dr Rahman again to head another panel to study the community’s socio-economic and educational condition in the state. The full report was thought to be declassified by the government inalong with other reports concerning the year of The report accused General Yahya Khan, of being a womanizer and an alcoholic.

Init was reported that around officials were interviewed and testified, including Yahya Khan and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Bhutto classified the report because, according to journalist Salil Tripathi, he was concerned that it would demoralize the army and might trigger unrest therein.

Some shocking facts about Maharashtra’s Muslims the state does not want you to know

NaziMohammad Jamshed, M. Akhira Golaghat Jathibhanga Kaliganj. Hannan Abu Repkrt Chowdhury. It recognizes that a large number of community members drop out at the secondary and higher secondary level. Inthere was not a single Muslim in the entire cadre of the Indian Administrative Services.

The final report, also called supplementary report, was submitted on 23 Octobershowed how political, administrative, military and moral failings kahmoodur responsible for the surrender of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan.


We have sent you a verification email. Story of Pakistan reports. For other uses, see Hamoodur Rahman Commission. Retrieved 26 August Man ‘loses’ car, robs senior citizen of gold.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

While trying to access public healthcare services, Muslim women often report committwe stereotypical attitudes, like being called dirty or being constantly asked to remove the veil. The report accused the army generals of what it called a “premature surrender” and said the military’s continued involvement in running the government after was one reason for the corruption and ineffectiveness of senior officers.

On an average, in urban areas, bus stops are located at a 1. Retrieved 14 June Historical Dictionary of Pakistan.

Mahmudur Rahman

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Commission challenged the claims by Bangladeshi authorities that 3, Bengalis had been killed by the Pakistani military andwomen were raped.

Psychological Warfare and India.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

The use of contraception has also been increasing, although Muslim women commonly report being mocked about the number of children members of the community have. Quota for Muslims Commitree Assembly elections later this year, Sharad Pawar has also batted for reservation for Muslims along with the earlier proposal for a quota for Marathas.

Retrieved 24 August Mustafa and Brigadier-Generals G. Last week, the Movement for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organisation, finally managed to obtain a copy of the report, seven months after applying for it. In s, the curiosity over the report grows with the News International revealing that the report was suppressed and was held secretly at the Joint Staff HQ in Rawalpindi. Community centers at the grass root level to disseminate the information about the scholarships and the relaxation in the requirements of documents are recommended.

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A section of Muslim community leaders are dismayed at the delay in the submission of The Mahmoodur Rahman committee went into the reasons for socio-economic and educational backwardness among Muslims community. Families of West Pakistani officials in East Pakistan were subjected to inhumane treatment by their Bengali colleagues. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Dr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Dr.

Yale University Press, Jones. The Commission examined nearly witnesses in total, hundreds of classified documents and military signals between East and West Pakistan.

Sankaran Nair Hoshiar Singh Dahiya. Car drags traffic cop on bonnet in Gurugram Views Read Nahmoodur View history. Muktijuddho e-Archive Artistic depictions Awards and decorations. Indo-Pakistani War of The Army and Democracy.

Pro-democracy icon turned iron lady, Awami League leader oversaw 10 years of economic growth New Year flushed with promise world over, but Kashmir stares at another period of gloom amid gunfights and clashes First half of likely to be volatile, but stronger macros signal positive commirtee market move AgustaWestland case: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Committee recommends the representation of Muslim women in all decision making bodies and committees of relevance. These were all destroyed; except the one that was handed over to Government who disallowed its publication at mahmoodjr time.

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