Setup and Tutorial for Using LaTeX with TeXShop/BasicTeX. Introduction – WARNING: I DON’T USE MACS, SO I’M NOT SURE IF THIS’LL WORK. J. Here is a quick “tutorial” for getting started with LaTeX. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you’re using TeXShop in one of. This tutorial will go through the steps required to start writing scientific reports with LATEX Other TEX editors like TeXmacs and TeXshop, for macintosh, exist.

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For Windows, we are going to recommend the free editor Texmaker. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Here is some more code with math tutkrial you should try out: You are commenting using your WordPress. It should look something like this: Walking yourself through an online tutorial is a good way to get familiar, but you’ll probably learn LaTeX as you trying to type up your problem sets.

Getting Started with LaTeX

LaTeX is telling you that it made it as far as line 17 of your code, at which point it found an error. The instructions below will guide you through the installation of both the compiler and the editor for both Windows and Macs. Take a look at the template for reports for more code to play with.

Personally, I think it is better to have all equations numbered, but I want to give you the option…. Using a wireless connection on campus, this can take up to 30 minutes to download.


Getting started To start, open TeXShop.

LaTeX Setup and Tutorial

Now we want to include some math. LaTeX takes care of most of the formatting for us! What lesson should we draw from this?

Click “Continue” until you agree to the license. Math Now we want to include some math. Now we’re finally ready to write a document in LaTeX.

Getting started with LaTeX

It has fun stuff like syntax highlighting and buttons on the side with all of the math symbols, so you don’t have to look them up every time you write up a problem set. Suppose, for example, you wanted to include this image in your file: There are four types of fancy text I want to discuss: What do we need? Type your WSU password if prompted. What happened with that last bit of code?

When you run LaTeX on your document, it is like sending your manuscript to the printer, with instructions for how to print.

The compiler reads your. Second, a pdf file will appear, looking something like this: Not only did you get an equation number, but the text refers to the equation number. Some other pages that are often used are the following: If this happens, contact the instructor for help.

LaTeX Setup and Tutorial

Sections and subsections can be generated like this: Add in some weird spaces and line breaks, so the middle of the code looks perhaps like this: Two more windows will appear: You don’t need to worry about his section on “setting up LaTeX” but the rest is good, especially for beginners.

So, you could just use Notepad or Wordpad or Word or some other program. Printing a finished LaTeX document If you want to print right from the computer you are working on, it’s easy; just click the “Print” icon on the viewer.


Note that this reference will remain correct, even if you add another equation above thus changing the numbering. Numbered lists can be made with the following code: Here is an important lesson: Don’t be afraid to send me email or stop by my office if you get really stuck.

Start by opening TexShop and copying into it the following text:. If there were no compiling errors in your. Rather than get a nice pdf, you should get this: Put the following code inside your document and typeset twice: A wired connection will be faster. Downloading and installing TeXShop Go to http: There is an important corollary: To start, open TeXShop.

Do this, and then mqctex again, and you should not get any errors. So you can start narrowing down the possible region where the error is by putting percent signs in front of various bits of code until you find the problem. Save this file as ” universe. Leave a tutlrial here Cancel reply Enter your comment here What LaTeX was doing was alternating in and out of math mode exactly opposite as we intended, until according to LaTeX we tried to start an equation while already in math mode.

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