Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. (). FishBase. Macrodon ancylodon (Bloch & Schneider, ). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at. Macrodon ancylodon — Overview. Yellow Mouth Salmon Media. Image of Macrodon ancylodon. Macrodon ancylodon Trusted. Creative Commons. O pescada-foguete (Macrodon ancylodon) é uma espécie de pescada que pode ser encontrada da Venezuela à Argentina. Tais animais medem cerca de

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John Wiley and Sons.

Conversely, high genetic divergence was observed between the tropical and subtropical groups, and this is also macroxon by the separation of these groups in the phylogenetic trees with the nodes being supported by high bootstrap values Figures 4 and 5. The level of variation detected by us between the tropical and subtropical Macrodon groups is strong evidence indicating that these two groups should not be considered as a single species.

Macrodon ancylodon

Rev Bras Biol 56 1: The History and Formation of Species. Wiktionary 0 entries edit.

University of Washington Press, Seatle. The geographical structure of a species is due not only to macrodonn gene flow but, more importantly, to historical gene flow between geographically separate populations Slatkin, Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Macrodon ancylodon – Wikidata

Mol Dev Evol Because of its wide distribution, M. Wikinews 0 entries edit. Mol Phylogenet Evol 15 2: The ice ages are also considered one of the phenomena that caused changes in environmental conditions, resulting in isolation and later differentiation of populations Beheregaray et al. Another important factor affecting Macrodon isolation could be the difference in mactodon periods.


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Our analyses showed that the two Macrodon groups consist of populations from areas that are influenced by different surface currents and therefore we can suggest ancylodin this is one of the barriers that prevents genetic flow and isolates the Macrodon populations of the tropical and subtropical groups.

In a study of the meristic and morphometric traits of M. The Mantel clustering test, with permutations, was used to assess the correlation between the genetic distance nacylodon the geographic distance between populations Mantel, using the Genetix program 4.

Only the cytochrome b gene was used in this type of analysis, the genetic distance matrix being obtained using the method of Tamura macridon Nei and the geographic distance matrix constructed by transforming the latitude of the geographic coordinates of the sample points into kilometers, with the help of a program available on the site www.

Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera. According to the allopatric speciation model, temporary geographic isolation is required to form reproductive barriers Sturmbauer et al.

Nucleotide divergence Tables 4 and 5 present the nucleotide divergence matrices constructed using mafrodon method of Tamura and Nei for the two segments analyzed in the present study. When we compared the nucleotide sequences of the tropical Macrodon group with the subtropical group we found, surprisingly, high nucleotide divergence, with values reaching 4.


ADW: Macrodon ancylodon: CLASSIFICATION

The Macrodon populations in the two groups probably developed mechanisms to adapt anchlodon the type of environment where they lived and this served as a barrier enhancing the geographical isolation of the populations.

Taxonomy database of the U. Additional Information Encyclopedia of Life. While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe ancykodon reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control. Biol J Linn Soc Lond Considering that this species represents an important economic resource, confirmation of whether M.

Confused by a class within a class or an order within an order? In our study, we observed that there is marked geographic structuring in the genus Macrodon that diverges at the Brazilian northeast into two genetically distinct clades tropical and subtropical.

The nucleotide sequence data determined for the present paper was deposited in GenBank aancylodon accession numbers AYAY Several factors are known to influence the dispersion of marine species Palumbi,including spawning behavior, sharp temperature changes, salinity gradients and larval retention mechanisms Sinclair, National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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