Anna University, Chennai Department of Computer Science Engineering ( Common to I.T) Fourth Semester MA Probability and Queueing. Subject Code: MA Subject Name: Probability and Queuing Theory Type: Question Bank Edition Details: Kings Edition Syllabus. MA — PROBABILITY AND QUEUEING THEORY (Regulation ). ( Common to Information Technology) Time: Three hours Answer ALL Questions PART.

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It is a non Markovian queueing model. Pn1n2 represent the probability that there are n1 customers in station 1 and n2 customers in station syllwbus. Arrivals from outside through node i follow a Poisson process with mean arrival rate ri. Define wide sense stationary process. The cumulative failure rate of all the machines is 0.

The length of a phone ayllabus is assumed to be distributed exponentially with mean 4 min. If letters arrive for being typed at the rate of 15 letters per hour, a What fraction of the time all the typists will be busy? Joseph had a little overcoat.

Probability and Queueing Theory(question with answer)

Define stationary process A random process is called stationary if all its statistical properties do not change with time. Syllavus X and Y independent? November 19, 0. What are the different types of Random process. It has found that most types of major news stories occur as Poisson processes. B is a random variable with mean 0 and variance 1. A random process is said to be stationary to order one if the first order density functions defined for all the random variables of the process are same.


Find the value of k.

PQT (MA) – Computer Science Engineering ()

Identify the regression equation mma2262 y on x: Blades are supplied in packets of 5 each. Assuming that the system behavior can be approximated by a 2 stage tandem queue find the probability that the service stations are idle. Network of queues can be described as a group of nodes, where each of the nodes represents a service facility of the same type.

Prove that the sum of two independent Poisson process is a Poisson process. System depends on time t, Steady state: Also, find the average time a customer must wait for service? What is the probability that ka2262 2 days selected at random the stock is insufficient for both days?

A random process in which the future value depends ma22262 on the present value but not on the past value is called Markov process.

It was old and worn. Service time distribution follows any general distribution.

The message arrivals are modelled as two independent Poisson processes, with rates 20 per hour for the short messages and 15 per hour for the sjllabus messages. MA Question Bank – Variance npq 1. When do you say the Markov chain is homogeneous?


MA syllabus || probability and queueing theory syllabus || PQT syllabus

The parking lot is large enough to accommodate any number of cars. Arriving customers have to join the queue if No. Find the probability that this computer will function for a month with only one breakdown.

Examination time per patient is exponential with a mean rate of 20 per hour. Find the probability that 11 particles are counted in 4 minutes.

A random process or Stochastic process X s,t is a function that maps each element of a sample space into a time function called sample function.

Thus T is the random service time, which is a continuous random variable. Let one copy of a magazine out of 10 copies bears a special prize following Geometric distribution, Determine its mean and variance. Find the Marginal probability densty of X. So he made a. Joseph The Dreamer – christ connect church. Construct the Transition Probability Matrix. There are four types of random process 1.

If the arrivals of the patients at the clinic are approximately Poisson at the average rate of 3 per hour, what is the average time spent by a patient i in the examination ii waiting in the clinic?

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