Quick Tips for Polycom Telepresence m Jones, John. My IP: My Contacts. Enter an IP address, extension. (E address), or URL to call. Notes. Polycom RealPresence Desktop is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing for PC users. Polycom Telepresence m Search our knowledge base or browse our documentation for answers to your support questions.

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Video evaluation tests It was noted that the software used VGA x pixels as the video format when in calls at kbps but QVGA x pixels when calling at kbps.

Standards and Security PolyCom m supports a number of videoconferencing standards including H. These tests were performed on the PC and equipment described in Appendix 1. Conclusions PolyCom m is an excellent desktop videoconferencing client. This is found by either pressing the F1 keyboard key, or clicking the help option on the menu. When in a call it is possible to maximise the video window, use in full screen mode, or resize polcom video window to any size preferred by the user.

The program was downloaded from the PolyCom web site. In general interoperation with other modern systems was very good. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Polycom Telepresence m solution is perfect for small and medium businesses that need a cost effective way to add to polyxom communication tools.

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Polycom Telepresence m (free version) download for PC

Video polycomm audio encoding is auto-negotiated by the endpoint with the remote end with little user control, and there is no video test facility or video options in the configuration menu there is no choice for the user to make between the prioritisation of sharpness and motion, for example. These are not major criticisms however. Volume can also be reviewed. The quality issues considered for video i.


This keeps things simple but did lead to some minor criticisms of the user interface:. The audio test allows the user to react to the visual representation of the microphone gain but there is no control of the gain levels. The following potential impairments were considered and rated by the evaluators, and marked on a scale of one to m010, where:.

Join Our Email List. Costs A fully featured version of the software can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days at no cost.

There is extensive documentation available for the product. All tests were made with the picture at full screen. At kbps the desktop sharing started very quickly and was of a very high quality. The software in m1000 mode, during a call with another m user Figure 8. Encrypted calls are possible using both the SIP and the H. Data Sharing The software uses the H.

It also offers SIP 1m00 was tested and worked fine. It is not pplycom to change bandwidths on a per call basis without making this change each time.

Movement and data, kbps — At this bandwidth there was some slight deterioration in quality and testers noticed some lip synchronisation issues. This is a page user and administrator guide which includes guidance on all configuration options. It was not necessary for the testers to consult any documentation at all in order to start using the software. Once downloaded it is possible to run the software installer.

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Skip to main content. Online help accessed from the m program. Making a Call There are a number of ways that call can be made.

Polycom Telepresence m100

Allowing the software through the Windows Firewall When installation is complete the following message is seen: It handles low bandwidth very well and supports a wide variety of audio and video encoding standards.


View active tab What links here. This may not poylcom a consideration for many users, and it does help to keep the options and interfaces simple; but some users would appreciate having the options available. The client is easy to use, and offers many of the features found in dedicated videoconferencing equipment, including:.

It is not possible to change the user interface very much: It should be noted that the use of these formats is dependent on the bandwidth available on the network, and the particular PC hardware on which m is installed.

It holds a list of the last 20 unique calls made i.

The only criterion on which the audio was given less than full marks was double-talk both ends talking at the same time. Geoff Constable and Shafiq Latif.

The program runs a “First set up wizard” on first use. You can register your software endpoint directly in the booking service at www. This seems unnecessary, and some users might prefer that the application window shrank when there was no video to display. Depending on their configuration, some gatekeepers do not allow calls to be made by IP address when the endpoint is registered to the gatekeeper. Polycom Telepresence m offers H.

These are shown as an illustrative guide and only relate to the set of tests made during this evaluation. This feature was not tested polycon the VTAS testing. Similarly, with video the required H. On the product website are various help documents:. With sufficient bandwidth and in full-screen mode it successfully emulates an H. Then click the Compare button below to view them side-by-side.

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