Abstract: Victor Klemperer argued in LTI that the Nazis used language to and linguistic analysis, LTI established Klemperer’s reputation as a student and. By: Victor Klemperer Media of Language of the Third Reich. See larger image Personal Announcementsas an LTI Revision Book \ What Remains? \ This Notebook, originally called LTI (Lingua Tertii Imperii)-the abbreviation itself a . While LTI: Notebook of a Philologist, Victor Klemperer’s shorthand for lingua.

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LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperii – Wikipedia

Both the book and its author unexpectedly survived the war. Lingua Tertii Imperii studies the way that Nazi propaganda altered the German language to inculcate people with National Socialist ideas. LTI was first published in in Germany. So he spent the years of the Third Reich klempeder Dresden, working in a factory instead of a university, living in a “Jews’ House,” being harassed by the Gestapo, forbidden to read any books written by Aryans.

Over and over klemperre ironically quotes Schiller, calling the LTI a language that thinks and writes for you.

Even at the very end, people still had ‘faith’ for a ‘miracle’. He looks up kldmperer names of street signs, birth and death notices in the newspapers, advertisements. Klemperer notes that much of the Nazi language involved appropriating old words and adapting their meaning, rather than making new ones. Contact Contact Us Help.


Foreign words are scarier, they stupefy and drown out thought. Betrayal as far as the eye can see.

Victor Klemperer

This book is what happens when a Jewish philologist takes up a project to keep from going insane under Nazi rule. I first discovered this, and his diaries, during work on my Master’s thesis specifically the chapter dealing with language as a tool for brutalisation in Nazi Germany.

First post on this book: This is not a bad thing, as Klemperer’s own diaries are powerful reading. This book isn’t quite what it sounds like: At the same time, it is an affective portrait of the suffering and tragic moments experienced by the author under the regime.

Derfor appellerer den bredt uden kompromiser. Religion and the Church incorporated Hitler into their belief klemperre. Goebbels’ comment on freedom of movement as a negative thing because it impacts on “racial purity” ; the Nazi use of ironic inverted commas which I just did there – and which is really prevalent at the moment ; the appeal to emotion rather than intellect, and the aggressive anti-intellectualism which went with it; the attempt to make patriotic symbolism out of food, rather like the plethora of Union flags currently sprouting in grocery sections up and down the land at the behest, so they say, of DEFRA.

So they complim A sort of combination memoir and philology book. I guess it’s important that it exists as all others but I really didn’t need to read about the same WWII stuff again. Nazi terminology Nazi propaganda Sociolinguistics Books about discourse analysis Books about propaganda.


The prefix ‘Volk-‘ enters the LTI vocabulary – Volksfest, Volksgemeinschaft, Volksseele, the people’s festival, the people’s community, the people’s soul and even today we still have the people’s car. Trivia About The Language of t Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. In a chapter titled The Star, Klemperer states how from all the suffering in the twelve years of hell, the single worst day for the Jews was 19 Septemberwhen it was made oti to wear the Jewish star.

Oct 09, Arturo Victoriano rated it it was amazing. Klemperer noted how the German prefix ent- de- was a Nazi rhetorical device used to make common the idea of enforcing rules of purity.

Language of the Third Reich

It is as if the Third Reich were not only unprecedented but infallible, even holy. He reflects on how, in those days, people would express not a leidenschaftlichen passionate belief in things klrmperer a fanatischen fanatic as if fanaticism were a pleasant mix of courage and loyalty. Then there are the euphemisms. Klemperer on the connection between Romanticism and the Nazis. Athlone Press,pp. Retrieved from ” https: Ironically, it survived the Third Reich to be used in terms like Entnazifizierung de-Nazification.

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