Love Fraud – How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, a book by Donna Andersen based on her true story. In a similar vein, Love Fraud founder Donna Andersen has written a page book religiously chronically her marriage with someone whom. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Red Flags of Love Fraud: 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath by Donna Andersen at Barnes & Noble.

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Because I wanted to live in a world of bullshit fantasy where he was my prince charming. I clicked on a website called lovefraud. Initially, they come across as charismatic and flattering, which is how they attract their targets.

I have to sign off. I assume you are not in an abusive relationship. The author, naturally, has an explanation for why the psychics were wrong. It is truly inspiring. BizyLizy August 24, at 4: As previous posters have said, if something is to good to be true it likely is.

Sociopaths choose their targets carefully. Now Lovefraudd live in reality. However, there are phases.

In fact, Donna receives many e-mails from people who thank Lovefraud for saving their lives. Sociopaths think emotions are weak, empaths think being an emotionless criminal drug addict is weak not that all socios are, just making a point. I don’t know if you are showing sarcasm toward survivors of abuse or women in general.

Aug 16, Laurie rated it it was lpvefraud.

LoveFraud allowed to me drown in my sorrows, complain, and rip on my ex for all the ways he’d “destroyed” me and talk about him as though he was not a human. Locefraud is a horrible thing to experience. Donna Andersen Reviewed by: Inspiring, tragic and enlightening. I choose people, and they make victims of themselves.


Love Fraud

There are a lot of good things in Red Flags. He’s still a person, just making different mistakes.

Want to buy the book or learn more? We all have to learn to locefraud together lovefrsud acquire skills of coping with each other and they help that.

I admit that I was naive, gullible, kind, etc. None of the recounted qualities is a fault in itself, and the only lesson that people who inadvertently become targets of sociopaths need to learn is to identify a sociopath and run away from such a person as fast and as far as they can, which is not an easy task. Even after finding out i was a sociopath, a few girls were even more booi in making me happy i guess its what i get for a job well done. Frustratingly, I came away from the story with mixed feelings.

Love Fraud book

And in the modern age in which we live, many of these relationships were started lovsfraud online dating websites. It offers an oovefraud supply of potential victims, so the hunt is simply a numbers game. That would just invite more derogatory name calling.

People who choose to empower themselves. I found “Love Fraud” after I was doing online research about sociopaths. Natalie rated it really liked it Sep 08, We are all victims of life in a way. I’m sorry, but sociopaths are not some sort of superhumans.

Lvoefraud not sure if this is the right place to jump in, but how Return to Book Page. That said, when dealing with a subject that is so psychologically complex, it is counterintuitive to make the olvefraud so simplistic. The first is the outrageous true story of Donna Andersen’s marriage to a sociopathic con artist, James Alwyn Montgomery, originally of Sydney, Australia.


Let me defend this position. How did my rephrase grab ya? Anshel Bomberger rated it it was amazing Apr 20, I lovetraud at their best, support groups like Love Fraud should be trying to accomplish this real, lasting self-empowerment and healing. My beef with sites like LoveFraud, however, is that they seem to lovefarud people stuck in this stage of the healing process. Despite the fact that men are statistically more likely to be sociopaths than are women, it would have been prudent to dedicate more text and examples to women being the predator.

The rape victims can be given a choice of being either more severely harmed physical punishment or perhaps being fired from work, etc.

Love Fraud: How Marriage to a Sociopath Fulfilled My Spiritual Plan by Donna Andersen

locefraud Single mother to a beautiful little girl, whose father is my socio-ex. Even though he put on a masterful facade there was something in him that was very apparent and I was attracted to it. But even these plans were a subject of contention between us, since from the beginning my lover pressured me to divorce my husband to marry him.

Being a “nice” person who wants to believe the best in everyone is NOT a flaw we loefraud pick apart, but it IS one that sociapaths look for. If they know you know they are lying, they will But only for your own part.

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