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The Sindh Story

Life of a Software Engineer. Khalifa Walid gave reluctant permission. Mumtaz Hussain Pathan, the reasons adduced by the Arabs for the invasion were all false.

The wheeler guy at the Secunderabad station: Obviously because he never got my letter. In addition to helping set up D. When the Arabs captured Sicily in 53 H, they got hold of the local gold idols, which they then sold to the king of Sindh.

Navalrai founded the great school that today bears his and his brother Hiranand’s name N. Even the Arabic script came from India centuries before the Arab invasion of Sindh.

Aug 29, Udhayt rated it liked it. The last is, at best, a temporary ,alla but, in the long run, it is always self-defeating and destructive of national integration. Here is a place of pilgrimage for all mankind. Mar 08, Bhavana R rated it liked it. Everyone who works in the world of software engineering, and anyone who is even mildly lser about his job, increments, llfe will enjoy reading this corporate satire.

MalkaniThe coming of the British opened vast new vistas. Soon, however, all Sindh became an Arab sogtware. The Pharoahs of Egypt and the old Shahinshahs of Iran invariably married their half-sisters or cousin-sisters on the ground that anything less than a royal princess would not be good enough for a real prince; and marriage into other royal families could lead to rivalries between brothers- in-law.

Jun 12, Swaroop rated it really liked it. Woman, therefore, is the root cause of crime and bloodshed in Sindh”. My grateful thanks are due to Prof.


Malkani80 P a g eby K.

Frere later rose to be governor of Bombay and, later still, member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council. May God’s grace help us stop our quarrelling and live in peace.

But, ugly reactions to what happens to non-Muslim minorities elsewhere, are not easily avoidable, particularly when it is not strongly disapproved and condemned by the minorities in India. I am grateful to Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha for planting the idea of this book in my mind and to my sister Gopi for encouraging the good thought.

Students of history, however, do note three points: Betrayed is Dahir by Mohammed Bin Qasim’s masterly strategy. Very probably the public opprobrium represents a later, higher morality. However, the Soomras would not agree to either demand.

The Hindus regarded him as the incarnation of Bhartihari, the saintly brother of King Vikramaditya, who is believed to have worshipped Shiva at the spot where Lal Shahbaz’s shrine stands today. However, be it said to the credit of Jayadratha that he, like Dhritarashtra and Bhishma, opposed the disastrous game of dice between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

Sheer self-interest quid pro quo would indicate that unless the Islamic states are willing to mete out complete equality before the law and equal justice in every sense of dien word engineeer non-Muslims, they cannot expect similar treatment for Muslim minorities in non-Muslim States.


But neither the blessings on birth nor the benediction from the other world, availed him when the Sindhis killed him at Budhiya. Oh Dodo, glory unto your mother who gave you birth. The intellectuals and men of honest judgment are woe fully silent, struck by a strange paralysis of the moral muscle and the vocal chords. However, the two princesses said to the54 P a g eKhalifa that Qasim had already violated their chastity.

Being in the IT industry for almost 7 years now, I maybe a bit partial in rating this book a full five – but that can be excused because I loved it so much because I could absolutely relate to each word I read!

So, astrologers were heeded not only by Dahirs but also by Hajjajs! However, he was so impressed with the quality and spirit of the Brahmins that he captured and kept with him ten of them.


One who is IT industry will have total enjoy it. But they soon found themselves at sea, literally. Many of the Buddhists were traders who preferred peace to resistance. Apr 19, Dipen Ambalia takes a humorous ride through those who work in the IT field If you haven’t, buy now: Life was poor and short, even if it was not nasty and brutish.

MalkaniWithin two years of the Arab invasion, the Arab influence was confined to Debal and the surrounding coastline. The mosques produced scholars as numerous as the pillars in their buildings.

This man was promptly named Maulana Islami and sent, with a Syrian noble, to deliver a message to Dahir. I am a Richa and i can totally relate to what i stated in the book!

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR

When Baghdad was destroyed by Mongols, it had 36 public libraries, and private libraries were numberless A Muslim physician17 P a g eAfflicted by a debilitating pacificism, corroded by the idea of non-violence, Indians seemed to have left it to professional soldiers to fight the invaders.

Today one of the Sindhi grouses against refugees in Sindh is that they do not even know how to pronounce the name of the great city. Although they posed to be the enemies of Hajjaj, yet they communicated news of strategic importance to the Arabs and instigated them to make an attack on Sindh. My doctors diagnosed a faulty heart and peremptorily put me to rest. To this day, the numerals 1,2,3, Northern India was in disarray after Harsha. His book India First is a compilation of some of his articles over the last several years.

Dahir was as scandalised by the suggestion as anybody else. To say that i finished this book in a single sitting of 2.

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