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Effects of Behavioural Integrity on HR Practices and Employee Outcomes that perceptions of fairness in one area will influence perceptions of fairness in another, especially if the latter area involves ambiguous stimuli. Foundations of Theory and Research, pp. This approach to gathering perceptual and objective information assures data reliability and minimizes the risk of common method bias Podsakoff et al.

Nowadays, organizations are characterized by ambiguous stimuli that employees must interpret Morrison, An important novelty of the study is that it explicitly distinguishes between intended and experienced HR practices in conducting the analysis.

Any behaviour that opposes perceptions of integrity and accountability may compromise the effects of the causal chain between HR practices lki employee attitudes. They have been adopted in several studies and are considered fun- damental to both individuals and organizations Huselid, ; Brief, ; Guest, ; Appelbaum et al. For reasons of clarity, Figure 2 only reports the latent constructs and Table 1. Also, in this case, the items were aggregated fol- lowing an averaging procedure once they had been checked for unidimensionality loadings ranging from.

The influence of HR practices on employee attitudes, however, has aroused some controversy Peccei, The implications of alternative work prac- tices for the experience and outcomes of work, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 54, pp. Unlocking the Black Box London: Intended HR practices are those designed by senior management and the HR department to be applied to most or all employees. This version has been corrected. What managers say and promise represents the formal HR practices, but how they act brings HR prac- tices alive.


Therefore, the higher the level of integrity that employees perceive in management, the higher their affective commitment to the organization and job satisfaction.


To extend the analysis of employee attitudes further, this study also examined the mediating role of experienced HR practices, assuming that good perceptions of the HR practices implemented can lead to better attitudes towards the organization. Although numerous studies have highlighted the increasing involvement of managers and supervisors in HR activities Hutchinson and Wood, ; Char- tered Institute of Personnel Development [CIPD],their role in eliciting positive attitudes from employees has largely been underestimated Boselie et al.

They refer to how employees experience and then judge the HR practices that are applied to them, given the fact that what they perceive may or may not differ from what the organization intended Purcell et al.

This, in turn, makes the employees more willing to work hard and to make an extra effort on behalf of the organization Peccei, This modification resulted in a more parsimonious model, in which experienced HR practices transmit the effect of intended HR practices as well as the interaction term on the two outcome vari- ables through indirect-only mediation.

Future studies, applying the model to more hetero- geneous samples, could be carried out in order to confirm the current findings. The results showed that all these items loaded on a single factor loadings ranging from.

Projects :

Although this may have resulted in inflated structural lio, the large size the current sample has probably mitigated this limitation, allowing largely signifi- cant estimates to be obtained. The accuracy of any instructions, formulae, and drug doses should be independently verified with primary sources.

Limitations The contributions of this research should be viewed in the light of some limit- ations. Furthermore, factors related to the relationship between man- agers and employees, such as psychological contract or trust, are considered of rel- evance Guest, ; Appelbaum et al. The 666-003 of the HR function were interviewed in each company to gather information on the intended HR practices at the organizational level.


Click here to sign up. The potential of the HR capital is realized only to the extent that the possessors of the human capital i. As explained above, the items have proved to be very close in meaning with those adopted by Prottas The practices covered the areas of socialization, training and development, rewards, information sharing and employee involvement.


To cite this article: This is because employees are typically exposed to a range of HR practices sim- ultaneously, each poi which may have complex effects Delery, ; Wright and Boswell, ; Arthur and Boyles, Although the importance 66-003 analysing the mechanisms mediating the relation- ship between HR practices and employee outcomes has been 66–003 demon- strated, there is still much work to be undertaken in order to gain a better understanding of this relationship.

To achieve a better understanding of the influence of HR systems on individual and organizational outcomes, it is necessary to expand the analyses; this can be achieved by considering both aspects of HR practices together, while including the intervening mechanisms that may influence HR practices Purcell et al.

As direct managers are an important source of information, they are able to influence whether employees attribute positive or negative evalu- ations to the actions of the organization, such as the HR practices lli. The results showed a single factor underlying the data loadings ranging from. Remember me on this computer.

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