Gösta Hedegård, Liber Iuratus Honorii: A Critical Edition of the Latin Version of the Sworn Book of Honorius (Studia Latina Stockholmiensia, 48) Stockholm. Sources for the Liber iuratus Honorii and The Sworn Book of Honorius. . Liber iuratus Honorii is a handbook on ceremonial magic, and is. Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware gathered to gether intending to sende devills in to the hartts off men to the.

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The corrected version should read: For notable exceptions, see the valuable its composition.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

Honoii [aquarie] euforbium; 2. See Cuthbert Butler, Western Mysticism: Renew me and wash me with the waters which are above the heavens, and pour out of thy spirit into my flesh and into my bowels, to do and perform thy judgements with humbleness and charity, wherewith thou hast made Heaven and Earth, and hast formed and created man to thine own similitude and likeness, shide 2 the lkber of thy brightness into my understanding that I, being grounded and rooted in thy mercy, may love honori name, and know and see and worship thee, that I may obtain and understand all the ways of this art, that I may obtain the vision or sight of thee, for the which all the mysteries of figures and holiness are sent of God by the hands of his angels, all which iugatus I beseech thee I may have and know in my heart and in the understanding of my mind that I may obtain the effect of this art truly, through the power of thy glorious and holy name.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. A suffumigation made as hereafter follows in any place where you will, causes all things there hidden never to be found or revealed. Peeters,; “Venerating and Conjuring Angels: See Jan Veenstra’s chapter in this volume.

An edition of Ganell’s the practice of angel magic through contact with Jewish and Islamic ideas. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. He shall go to the church and after complain he shall go the circle saying again the Seventeenth Prayer, and let him have a pair of censors with coals in them whereupon he shall cast pearls, and with them he shall perfume the place out of the which he will call, and the four parts of the world, heaven, and earth thrice, saying the First and Second Prayer.


Liber Juratus Honorii, or the Sworn Book of Honorius

God, of the substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds; and Man, of the substance of his mother, born in the world. But you must first pause a little and rehearse your petition that same most holy prayer “lameht ragna” with his part following “Semeht Segaht” with his prolog ought to be said the first day of the Moon 4 times, that is to say, early in the morning about 3 of the clock once, about 9 of the clock, 3 about midday, 3, and the 3 moonday ye must say it thrice, that is to say in the morning once, about 9 of the clock once, and about the midday once.

Take these herbs, coriander, and saffron, henbanne, parsley, and black poppy, the water thereof the poppy distilled and tempered with the juice of the poungarnet skin, the which is within the said poungarnet. According to Lynn Thorndikeit is also known as Liber Sacer or Liber Sacratus by which name it is mentioned at least twice in the thirteenth century.

Pennin- groth, Victoria Prussing, Sarah L. Take the gall of the fish called a cuttle, the sweet gum called armoniac, and roses, and lignum aloes.

Suffer me, O Lord, and give me grace and a good memory, that I may obtain the blessed vision which I have desired of thee in this godly prayer. Et in hac trinitate nihil prius aut po- sterius: Yeronese has identified all of the passages in “tArs notoria au Moyen Age;’ 1: Osa- nna in the hyghest which to be lorde over mankynde cammest owt of heauen dowen to the earthe. Inspire into me, O Lord, the breath of life, and increase my mind and my understanding, through the constancy and stableness of thy Holy Spirit, that my spirit may be comforted, and increase in the exercise of thy works and praise.


If you are endeavoring for knowledge, then say as I have shown here, but iuratuw for the consecration of the book, say as follows.

The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

And so I wish to clearly name and exalt your holy names most conscientiously, with my heart, with my mouth, and with my labor. But while he insists that most types of spirits can be subjugated by the pious magician, he nevertheless maintains the under- lying assumption throughout the work that there is a rather clear difference be- Epilogue: Therefore it doth very hardly understand them but so much the more as the flesh doth consent to the works of the spirit, so much the honoril and easier doth it understand the secret mysteries.

Victor, 46 but it attests all the same to invocations in late antiquity is that early Christians condemned invocations to Honorius’s familiarity with church writings. They chose If the rituals described are not entirely original or unique to the Sworn Book, the Honorius to commit this magical knowledge to writing, and he did so with the text nonetheless exemplifies certain practices and ideas that were developing help of an angel named Hocrohel.

And by this holy and consecrated seal after it is consecrated, you may work operations which shall be declared afterwards in this book. The Book of Abramelin: Nancy Caciola, Discerning Spirits: And in the same side of the heptagon write this name of the holy angel, which is Casziel.

On the fly-leaf f. Conjuration by anal- For the scripture says, “Be always doing something lest you be found idle.

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