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Law 13, on Public Works,lv which at Article 1 considers as is of the age provided for in the law on social security (la ley previsional) for. Tema(s): Seguridad social. Tipo de legislación: Ley. Adoptado el: Entry into force: Publicado el: Bundesgesetzblatt, ISN: AUTL & In: KOZ | Ot, M.J., WHAT LEY, F.R. (ed.).

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The project reached financial closure inand involves a year design-build-finance- operate-transfer agreement, under which the private partner, a consortium consisting of Turkish company LIMAK and the Leyy company Aerport de Lyon, agreed to build a new terminal building, air-traffic control facilities, a new airport apron, and associated facilities.

In JanuaryColombia approved Law No. The regulatory environment for PPPs in Brazil is detailed and has lej steadily evolving since the early concession framework in the mids.

A primary challenge in terms of developing PPPs is implementing and managing the PPP process, which is complex and lacks transparency. Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development In this context, Ecuador still faces significant regulatory, fiscal and institutional challenges to implement a sound framework that effectively enables bankable PPP projects. Currently, there is no single governmental agency with information or co-ordination functions.

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The PPP Law allows for to year contracts with appropriate risk allocation and financial support from the government 130664 user payments. Following the end 130664 the civil war, Guatemala sought new forms of financing though multilateral development banks and the Social Entrepreneurship Program Programa de Empresariado Social. Given the relative inexperience of ministries and municipalities with PPP projects, there is a lack of experienced professionals available for hire by contracting authorities, which is only partially balanced by the growing capabilities of the PPPC.

The Virgilio Barco Vargas National Real Estate Agency is responsible for the development, structuring, execution and operation of urban infrastructure projects. The framework has been effective in promoting investment and the country has experienced a moderate recovery driven in part by investments in public infrastructure. lley

This has resulted in low public spending on transport infrastructure, running an average of 0. One challenge for Kazakhstan is building confidence in PPPs. The small number of projects executed so far under ly PPP law also indicates limited implementation experience. Main challenges for PPP infrastructure development The ely important challenge in terms of PPP development is completing the draft of a special PPP law, so it can then be submitted to the legislative branch for its approval.


In institutional terms, the country went through two significant changes in The new PPP framework gradually came into force over the past few years with the issuance of: The law covers rules on competitive bidding, unsolicited proposals, selection criteria, award criteria, contracts and 130064, termination of contracts, financial issues and dispute settlements. Although Chile is one of the most active countries in the region in terms of PPPs, it is now facing a turning point in terms of their development.

There is also an inadequate legal structure for unsolicited PPP proposals. In the years since the Public 10364 Concessions Act was approved, only four projects have materialised. To date, under this new framework, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works has been the most active in developing and awarding projects: As 130064 member of the EU, Bulgaria is obliged to align its legislation with EU law, but this process is incomplete.

Similarly, the consulting sector in Kosovo is generally underdeveloped, with relatively few 1064 who have substantial PPP experience, further increasing potential costs for contracting authorities. The agency publishes all relevant documents online, including project descriptions, prequalification notices, awards, legislative decrees and contracts. Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs El Salvador has a solid and modern legal framework for the development of PPP projects, starting with specific constitutional provisions that allow for and promote the participation of the private sector in the development of infrastructure and the provision of services leyy the state.

There are no clear provisions in the regulations regarding accounting of contingent liabilities in PPP projects.

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The tender for the airport of the second-largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, failed owing to insufficient interest from investors and is expected to be retendered in This suggests the need for adjustments in the regulatory framework related to the issue of contract nullification. The PPP framework could be strengthened, for example through the clearer specification of conciliation schemes, greater transparency, more accounting for contingent liabilities, the conducting of independent audits, and a requirement for public consultation on proposed projects.

During the current administration, infrastructure projects for roads, housing and transportation have been carried out.

Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs The new PPP framework gradually came into force over the past few years with the issuance of: Summary of the enabling environment for PPPs.

Templates for the request for proposals or for PPP contracts do not yet exist.


In this context, Ecuador still faces significant regulatory, fiscal and institutional challenges to implement a sound framework that effectively enables bankable PPP projects. Sincethe government has been working to improve the investment climate, including establishing a new PPP framework. In general Brazil has struggled to bridge its infrastructure gap.

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An additional challenge for Colombia, as well as for other LAC countries, is lack of transparency, which creates additional obstacles for the financial closure of PPP projects 4G due to increasing reputational risk for financers. However, the law does not cover state-owned companies SOCs.

The transportation sector is expected to be the primary focus of the PAG, including completion of the Benin-Niger railway linking Cotonou and Niamey, highway renovation in le north entering Togo and Nigeria, and upgrades to the Port of Cotonou. Benin Overview of the infrastructure sector and PPPs The Government of Benin is emphasising public-private partnerships 10364 build infrastructure.

The country is in the process of converting fossil fuel-dependent plants to coal and natural gas; construction on two new power plants was approved and began in The Dominican Liberation Party has established in its Government Program for — the continuation of the road improvement program, incorporating new mechanisms of private-public collaboration.

Projects must be viable, achieve value for money, be marketable and demonstrate fiscal responsibility. These include projects governed by the Renewable Energy Law and the first phase of the Red-Dead project to refill the Dead Sea from the Red Sea, which is being prepared for tender. At the municipal level, a project involving the provision of bus transportation services, and installation and maintenance of bus stops in the municipality of Peja reached financial closure inbut its implementation has been stalled.

The PPP environment has evolved in the past decade into a more organised and structured framework. A list of 51 infrastructure projects to be funded through PPP or by foreign leu was included, covering various sectors, including water and sanitation, energy production, and transport, among others.

Since its implementation, several concession projects, including inter-urban roads and airports, have been carried out. The Government of Benin is emphasising public-private partnerships to build infrastructure.

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