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These QoS parameters are defined as weighting factors according to the application requirements. Moreover applications in this environment are time-critical which require their flows to be executed not only correctly but also within their lila. Since MANET is affected by limited resources such as power constraints, it is a challenge to respect the deadline of a real-time data.

Then, we study the impact of network density on the mobile ad-hoc routing protocols performance.

To determine a route, QoS routing considers QoS requirements of the traffic flow and resources availability, too. In table 3, the first line ED-DSR1 privileges the energy cost function; the second one privileges the delay cost function for delay sensitive application and the last line is the default choice which the three weighting factors have similar opportunity in route selection phase.

If the new link cost delay is expired, the packet is discarded. We gratefully acknowledge support from the Simons Foundation and baccoucye institutions. Each packet should verify if it can reach the destination before the expiration delay Each simulation runs for s.

We classify the mobile nodes into two groups: Appropriate parameters are needed to capture the unstable system behavior and the limited autonomy. This abstract may be abridged. Through simulations, we compare our proposed routing protocol with the basic routing protocol Dynamic Source Routing, DSR. The main differences between ED-DSR and other on-demand routing protocols is that ED-DSR allows the leia data flows to be routed from the source to the destination before the expiration delay.


Therefore, each packet should be transmitted from the source to the destination within the deadline. She is an assistant professor at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Tunisia in the computer science and mathematics department.

Since in MANET the mobile nodes are power limited and require energy for computing as well as routing the packets, leiila performance of a real-time application highly depends on baccouceh lifetime of mobile nodes. W is given below: The route selection process is adaptive and closely matches the application requirements.

NI ; Information Theory cs. W increases rapidly with C. When a mobile node wishes to send a message to a specific destination, it broadcasts the RREQ packet in the network. International Journal of Computers and Applications, vol.

leila baccouche | Flickr

QuekJie Zhang. Users bbaccouche refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. The choice of the suitable route to transfer the real time data in ED-DSR is conditioned by three factors: Currently, most MANET research has focused on routing and connectivity issues [3] [7] in order to cope with the dynamism of such networks.

Lila calculates the cost of each available route according to the following equation: Instance-based XML data binding for mobile devices. The weighting factors are defined according to the application requirements.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Indeed, choosing the same route to transfer all packets of real-time data through the reserved route may exhaust the energy of these nodes leading to the network partitioning problem.

The main problem is to choose the QoS aware routing protocol to route real-time data with respect to their deadlines within MANET constraints. It ensures both timeliness and energy efficiency by avoiding low-power and overloaded intermediate mobile nodes. DSR is simple and flexible [4] which facilitates the implementation of leilz extension. The network lifetime of SMH nodes for different traffic loads By avoiding the network overloading with packets that have expired their deadlines and selecting routes that minimize energy cost, ED-DSR alleviates network load and reduces energy consumption, too.

MANET covers a large range of applications such as military operations where common wired infrastructures are not directly reachable to provide communication due to limited provision of this facility in those settlements. Now, as a Ph. However, with DSR, the real-time constraint is not bqccouche especially as the packet rate value increases.

Leila Baccouche

Intisar Al-MejibliMartin Colley. In addition, it minimizes the end-to- end delay and upgrades the rate of packets delivered.

Prototyping a Design of Agent for Log Harvesting. In fact, the message that reaches the destination has full information about the route.

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