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Tin Fai Hse Property Prices Indices; Yue Fai Court · Aberdeen / Ap Lei Chau · Hong Flat 8 26/F Block F Yue Fai Court Tin Fai Hse, $ 4,,, $ 8,, Lei. Po Box Wilsonville, OR, United States, US Be the first to endorse Lei. Endorse this Last Updated 03/27/ × . Rosehill Rd. Bankers Hall West – 3rd Street South West Calgary Alberta .. 4P6ZHB8WRY5FOJXYPP06 Defense Logistics Agency John J.

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Band structure, magnetic, and transport properties of two dimensional compounds Sr2-xGdxCoO4.

Enhancement of transition temperature in FexSe0. Interplay between boron precursors and Ni-Co-B nanoparticle doping in the fabrication of MgB2 superconductor with improved electromagnetic properties. Pressure induced magneto-structural phase transitions in layered RMn2X2 compounds invited.

Deliberate design of TiO2 nanostructures towards superior photovoltaic cells. Thermoelectric performance of n-type Mg2Ge. European Physical Journal B: Thermoelectric enhancement of different kinds of metal chalcogenides.

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All Carbon Dual Ion Batteries. Improved cycling stability of lithium-sulphur batteries by enhancing the retention of active material with a sandwiched hydrothermally treated graphite film Published In RSC Advances: Ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene incorporated Cu 2 Se: A technology review of electrodes and reaction mechanisms in vanadium redox flow batteries.


Nanocomposites of silicon and carbon derived from coal tar pitch: Si Nanocrystal-Embedded SiO x nanofoils: Fish-scale bio-inspired multifunctional Lek nanostructures.

Controlled synthesis of nanoporous nickel oxide with two-dimensional shapes through thermal decomposition of metal—cyanide hybrid coordination polymers Published In Chemistry: Anomalies in magnetoelastic properties of DyFe Ultra-light and flexible pencil-trace anode for high performance potassium-ion and lithium-ion batteries. Mesoporous hexagonal Co3O4 for high performance lithium ion batteries.

Temperature dependent sodium solubility.

Hagablue AB

Magnetic and levitation characteristics of bulk high-temperature superconducting magnets above a permanent magnet guideway Published In Superconductor Science and Technology Volume lej Pages – ISSN Altmetric. Fabrication of asymmetric supercapacitors based on coordination polymer derived nanoporous materials.

Two-dimensional tin disulfide nanosheets for enhanced sodium storage. Robust scalable synthesis of surfactant-free thermoelectric metal chalcogenide nanostructures.

World of Logs – DPS Rankings – Terrace of Endless Spring, Lei Shi, LFR 25

Configuration-induced vortex motion in type-II superconducting films with periodic magnetic dot arrays. Materials Science and Engineering B: Electrospun lithium metal oxide cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.


A systematic approach to high and stable discharge capacity for scaling up the lithium-sulfur battery. Broadband and omnidirectional, nearly zero reflective photovoltaic glass.

One-dimensional manganese-cobalt oxide nanofibres as bi-functional cathode catalysts for rechargeable metal-air batteries. Fly compound-eye inspired inorganic nanostructures with extraordinary visible-light responses.

BibTeX records: Yang Lei

Ultra-high performance, high-temperature superconducting wires via cost-effective, scalable, co-evaporation process. Tuning graphene for energy and environmental applications: Reduced graphene oxide with superior cycling stability and rate capability for sodium storage.

Study on vanadium substitution to iron in Li2FeP 2O7 as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries.

Flux pinning mechanism in BaFe1. Atomic cobalt as an efficient electrocatalyst in sulfur cathodes for superior room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries. Magnetic transitions in LaFex-yCoySix compounds.

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