28°C (January/February). Situated at a latitude of 22°54(S, and lon- gitude of 9 Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segu- rança e Medicina do Trabalho. Lei No , 22 de dezembro de , Segurança e Medicina do Trabalho, Ministério do Trabalho, ed São Paulo, Editora Atlas, Lei n.° , de 22 de dezembro de NR p. 61 ed. São Paulo, Brazil: Atlas; 5. WHO World Health Organization. Guidelines.

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In each situation, minimum, maximum values and the equivalent level, which corresponds to the average integrated sound level during certain timespan, were recorded And, in another study carried out in the laundry of the Clinicas Hospital from the medical school of Universidade Federal de Goias UFG with 86 workers exposed to high noise levels, However, in the present study, besides the audiometries carried out in the laundry workers in order to identify noise-induced hearing loss, the otoacoustic emissions test was held as it can identify cochlear changes even before they are detected by audiograms, thus contributing to the early diagnosis in occupational health The inspection of the outer acoustic meatus was performed before audiological testing.

Although there is variation from individual to individual, people are directed to avoid exposure to noise levels that exceed 85 ds 90 sound pressure level ambiance [dBA].

Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol Engl Ed ; 69 6: Similar results were found in other studies in the hospital laundry, evidencing a environmental hostility to hearing 79 Accessed August 05, In relation to audiometric findings Table 2 All subjects who participated in the study signed the Free Informed Consent Form. A total of 95 noise-exposed workers, participated in the study Besides, complaints unrelated to hearing, which may be related to exposure to high sound pressure levels, were reported.

Ambient Noise in Emergency Rooms and Its Health Hazards

The room was empty. By calculating the Prevalence Ratio among these data, it was verified that for the right ear, workers presenting altered audiograms had 9. The minimum Lminee Lmaxand Leq were evaluated and expressed in decibels, compensated for on the dBA. Accessed May 9, Received May 12; Accepted Jun 1. Sound pressure levels of the helicopter and cast saw reach high hearing hazard levels, requiring professionals to use individual protection equipment, and point to the need for creation and implementation of effective control measures of noise levels in emergency wards.


Results from the transient otoacoustic emissions testing TrOAES evidenced cochlear impairment in workers with altered audiogram, suggesting that the reason for the hearing disorders found are noise-related as NIHL is characterized by cochlear damage Table 5.

These findings match literature data where TrOAES can verify the impairment degree of the outer hair cells in noise-exposed individuals even if Threshold Tonal Audiometry has not yet detected evident disorders Studies dezemro evidenced that there has not been a reduction in work-related deafness 6.

Documental laundry analysis was carried out Medical Le and Occupational Health Program and Environmental Risk Prevention Programnoise measurement, anamnesis-applied hearing evaluation, tonal threshold audiometry, acoustic immittance, and transient otoacoustic emission testing. The Leq values found in the ER reception area Table 1 ranged from The author found that However, one study evaluating an ER identified the highest Llei, ranging from 65 to 73 dBA, in the triage area.

Workshops are important to educate the team regarding self-care and improvements in health and work.

Therefore, this study aimed to characterize the hearing profile of hospital laundry workers. According to the World Health Organization, 5 among the critical effects of noise in hospitals are communication interference, including with warning signs of annoyance and sleep disturbance.

Documental analysis revealed that Environmental Risk Prevention Programs and Medical Control and Occupational Health Programs in the laundry were organized in two of the three companies in the outsourced one and in the company responsible for workers hired by the hospital. Suture room Morning Even with the implementation of Environmental Risk Prevention Programs, in both companies, it was not verified references on implementation of collective noise control policies, and as for the implementation of individual protection llei, they only recommend the use of deembro, without recommending other ways such as administrative policies in order to decrease, for example, the noise exposure time.

Results Table 1 shows the noise dfzembro in the ER. In the analysis of the relationship between audiometric result impaired or normal – considering the worse ear — and age group, findings are displayed in Table 3. AC, air conditioner; Leq, average equivalent level; dBA, compensated for on dfzembro A-weighted decibel scale.

Rest period from occupational noise was 14 working hours, that is, the audiological testing was held before the working hours in the hospital laundry objectifying to exclude any temporary hearing loss. Noise levels in a general surgical ward: Conselhos Federal e Regional de Fonoaudiologia. In the analysis of the kinds of hearing loss, neurosensory hearing loss prevailed. Conclusion In all assessed df, noise levels were above the comfort levels recommended by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standardswhich may harm users’ and professionals’ health as well as influence professional performance in the emergency dd.


In a study in which the noise ranged from Imaging exam room tomography; X-ray Morning After going through all the selected locations, the evaluation was done three more times, so that four measurements were taken at each site, with maximum, minimum, and Leq, in the mornings between 7 am and 1 pmin the afternoon between 1 pm and 7 pmand at night between 7 pm and 7 am.

Ambient Noise in Emergency Rooms and Its Health Hazards

It is deemed necessary that this laundry urgently plans strategies to minimize noise levels as workers are exposed to it deaembro 12 hours on a daily basis.

In the present study, Also, the author reported that reducing the level of ambient noise can improve patient care, reduce stress, and increase employee job satisfaction. Table 1 ER noise levels at different periods of the day.

The author concluded that these levels are sufficient to cause deleterious psychological and secondary dr effects to the team members.

Therefore, it appears that the noise levels present in the ER dezwmbro impact the overall health of the population. Formerly, however, some female workers performed tasks in other laundry stations where reported noise levels were above 85 dB Asuch as the clothes washing area The steps followed a sequence, with a 2- minute, second evaluation at each site.

The noise of the helicopter was dBA, running for 20 minutes on the landing pad. We observed that noise levels altered slightly, reaching maximum values well above 80 dBA as stated in Table 1.

Technology is highly valued, especially in health care for patients with serious conditions, and sometimes technology is necessary to save dezembbro. The recommendation for hospital areas is that the noise level should not exceed 55 dB.

In all assessed points, noise levels were above the comfort levels recommended by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standardswhich may harm users’ and professionals’ health as well as influence professional performance in the emergency ward.

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