Find great deals for LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Ice Station Odyssey Toys & Games. View LEGO instructions for Ice Staton Odyssey set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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It was used on every theme until Exploriens.

Thanks a lot for make me remember that and, I’m sorry, but that won’t make me take out of its box the only Ice Planet set I own You can find many examples on Brickshelf of what they can be used for. It’s a simple model that you could easily make more of yourself, provided you own the right parts. 693

LEGO Ice Staton Odyssey Instructions , Space

Just launching a rocket will keep you entertained for a while, but the addition of the vehicles and the diverse cast of characters will soon let your imagination run wild.

I hope I’ve at least made some sense in explaining why I dislike this set and line, instead of just saying “this sucks. Futuron had been replaced by M-Tron, a civilian 69883 colony using magnetized mechanical arms and boxes to mine for precious ores. I’m sot asking for air-tight structures, but for an ice base I’d like to see at least a semi-enclosed building from which the space-men kego control the rocket and also take off their helmets and enjoy some heat.

After the simple build, we’re all ready to play. For me this space station is above average. I had no idea that Space sets like these could be so There’s a lot 69833 trans-orange parts, which was nice at the time, since it was a rare color back then.

I like all the other Ice Planet sets, particularly the outstanding Deep Freeze Defender, but this set never impressed me quite the same way. As usual, we start with the smallest models in the legoo. This was my favorite space theme of all the time and this is my favorite biggest set ever! In fact, the whole theme was.


LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey () | eBay

Two 69833 skis are included for the driver to use when arriving at the scene of the fallen rocket. I agree that this set provides almost infinite playability, so I like that you depicted this with of of those pictures.

The classic grin pattern that had been dominant for decades was now augmented with new features like stubble, microphones, or whatever the designers could come up with. Because the baseplate is raised and already such a huge part of the final shape of the construction, you’ll spend most of the build putting in smaller layers that make up the finishing touches. With Commander Cool away, the foot folk get their chance to make use of that frozen slope Blacktron had been outed as the bad guys in space and the Space Police had come in to defend the civilian Futurons.

Wow, spectacular review, Rapseflaps! If you’re going to do something landbased, you’ll probably want to stick to the raised baseplate, but that can be a bit limiting.

Posted December 23, edited. It pales in comparison to just about all of the other Space bases except possibly Looking even cooler with their specialised visors down. Since we’re sharing our opinions here, let me break down the things I really dislike about this set:. No ridiculous amount of oddly-shaped booklets back in ! The two vehicles included allow for off-base scenarios, while the three different minifigs give you a nice dynamic in your play scenarios around the base.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

lefo Since we’re sharing our opinions here, let me break down the things I really dislike about this set: The trans-orange cones at the side could be whatever you want: I do like the launcher raising mechanism and the laser fence though, and the set is a good platform for modifications with its numerous rare and useful parts.


The rockets are built around a long Technic axle.

This gives us our three players: While this construction makes the rockets a lot sturdier, the main reason for using an axle is so the magnet can rotate on the rocket. Already have an account? If you’re looking for a big challenging build, this is not the set for you.

I know a lot of people don’t like the raised baseplates, and I do concede the recent ones haven’t been so great, but I’m a huge fan of raised baseplates. The box, courtesy of Peeron. I think the best bases were andand even the other bases,and the monorails all had some solid construction which this set lacks.

Well, this box was pretty darn big, so you can forget about sticking the front of it on an A4-sized piece of cardboard. The set’s great playability balances it out. Unfortunately, I only own three small sets. I understand, since I’m the same way with anybody dissing my Classic Star Wars sets, but I’m glad that we can all share our views.

Like the other parts, it’s a submodel, but not one that gets its own page. But as a playset, it’s alright. There’s one thing I’m sure you will all like about this set: It provides the base with a nice level area to work on the rockets.

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