Not by Chance! has 59 ratings and 10 reviews. Qhlueme said: Spetner, PhD in physics and years of specialized study in organic evolution, takes the reader. The core of Dr. Lee Spetner’s chal- lenge to neo-Darwinian theory (NDT) is in chapters 4 and 5. He points out that evo- lutionists have repeatedly stressed that. Remarkably Spetner does not straightforward deny macro-evolution, he claims that.

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Can the variation be random?

After spending considerable effort to explain random variation, mutation rates, new vs. Those probability numbers on random genetic change are amazing! His book addresses the neo-Darwinian theor Spetner, PhD in physics and years of specialized study in spetnee evolution, takes the reader step by step, sometimes mini-step by mini-step, with the frequent reiteration necessary for the novice, convenient for the layman, but unnecessarily repetitious for the expert.

Lee Spetner – RationalWiki

There are many more examples of pure nonsense, but don’t waste your time looking for them, even for a laugh. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jason Brophy rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Spetner was inspired spetber Rabbi David Luria -who calculated that, according to Talmudic sources, there was originally created species of beasts and of birds.


Move the optimum and npt bell cjance will quickly shift. Jason Tolkien rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Some question the ability of random mutations plus natural selection to account for the information in DNA. Spetner published several papers on the subject of evolution between and Nov 25, Leroy rated it did not like it. At this point, someone not keen on math will appreciate that previously mentioned use of reminders and reiterations.

In spite of his opposition to neo-DarwinismSpetner accepts a form of non-random evolution outlined in his book “Not By Chance!

Not by Chance!: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution

He does not have as much of a grasp on scientific theory behind evolution as he would like to imagine, and the “genetic” and “no missing link found” proofs are so unbelievable– as in, I don’t believe you, buddy. This page was last modified on 26 Marchat Spetner gives the example of R.

spetnre Basically, he thinks evolution is too unlikely because most mutations only make minor changes to survival advantage. Like the title suggests it went on quite a bit about the probable impossibility of one species’ DNA mutating enough to become another sustainable species. Solid arguments against the dogma of neo-darwinism. Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution”.

Spetner calls his view the nonrandom evolutionary hypothesis NREH. Lee Spetner at a Jerusalem restaurant in August I highly recommend this short, up-to-date, well-informed, and well-written book for a review of some key, compelling evidence showing that species did not arise through neo-Darwinian mechanisms. There is no theoretical support for convergence, and whatever evidence has been given for it is the product of a circular argument. cance


Lee Spetner

Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution. These adaptations occur just when they are needed, because bu are triggered by an input from the new environment. Creationists, including intelligent-design creationists, have endorsed Spetner’s book. Spetner derives non-random evolution from the Talmud By Mark Perakh.

Community Saloon lre To do list What is going on? Similar physical mechanisms are used to transmit sound waves from the ear to the brain in both vertebrates and certain insects. Divergence can lead to novel forms but is not a requirement nnot new species -thus spiders looking like spiders for millions of years and today including around 35, species. Not nearly as readable or fun as Behe. I learned that bacteria, which obviously reproduces more quickly than anything else, has never mutated in such a way that it became a new type of bacteria.

Herb rated it it was amazing Apr 16,

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