There is no direct translation for Hello in Sourashtra.. (or may be we How do you say “I love you” in the Saurashtra language? 18, Views Learn More. I’m no Sourashtraian. But I desperately want to learn your language. Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?. Entry, Transcription, English. 1, poɭɭo, fruit. 2, moʈʈɑppɑn, leadership. 3, beʈki, female. 4, ɑmbɑʈ, sour. 5, phɑrɑdu, after. 6, ɑphis, office. 7, bhoɳɳo, pot.

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Okay, where to know what we write in Sourashtra language is correct or not? Coz thats my learb name Ango meni ondae thani state riyath ikko chokkat rai!!! Saurashtra alphabet The Saurashtra alphabet was developed in the s and is used, to some extent, by Leafn speakers in Tamil Nadu.

A Saurashtra alphabet was created in the late 19th century. Boy, it was coooool Saurashtra Each consonant has an inherent vowel. Hi Dinesh, Strangely, I too felt that ur name is very familiar I’m sourashtrian but I live in Paris in France.

I end up requesting X not to murder the language right before my eyes or ears. Tell me,what does it sound like?


The program can be installed on Android. Hi Deepa, Thanks for posted the sourashtra information. But pronunciation,as I understand and feel, is the backbone of Palkar, because a tiny change can completely change the meaning or even sound disrespectful.

Learn Sourashtra Language

For comparison, in Marathi it is maanjara. See below the changes in each version:. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. Sourashtra Languages lessons,if you type this word in www. Saurashtrans migrated to southern India from Gujarat about 1, year ago. Omniglot is how I make my living.

Learn Sourashtra Language | Palkar Horat

Its really helpful for me, waiting for a sourashhra new post. The Saurashtra alphabet was developed in the s and is used, to some extent, by Saurashtra speakers in Tamil Nadu. It was first written with a version of the Telugu script in the 17th and 18th centuries. Deepa, It’s indeed sourashtrq to get to know about such articles. Keep your good work. And if X happens to be a Tamilian, he would find it funny interpreting ‘kaaya’ as ‘kaai’,which in Tamil means a raw fruit.


The app is easy to use for the kids, easy The latest version is 1. Pronunciation is very important in every language as this is what gives it individuality.

Word List for Saurashtra

Good-luck with your endeavors! When pronounced as javaits meaning changes to ‘ponga’ Tamil.

Information about the Saurashtra language and alphabet http: Mhotto big or huge or elder Most of you must have watched the Tamil thriller movie ” Athey kangal “.

Especially sourashtra from madurai. As my crush is a sourashtrian, I’m learning marathi all these days. Hi this is preethi, Nice to see this blog. There are also separate vowel letters Download an alphabet chart for Saurashtra Excel Hear Saurashtra vowels. Its me Anshika again, I would like to learn first how to speak sourashtra. Newer Post Older Post Home. Talk something in your language There is some debate about which script is best for the language.

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