LATINKA PEROVIĆ. vrati se nazad. Are you a feminist? No. What do you consider the most feminine about you? My tone. What do you first think of when you. English: Latinka Perović. Date, 29 November , Source, http://www. ?photoId=&eventId= Dr Latinka Perović. Belgrade, Dr Latinka Perović * Belgrade, The St. Vitus Day Constitution of June 29, , Yugoslavia’s First Constitution.

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On her doorstep, Katarina asked me if I was nervous- I shook my head.

It would open the door to further ,atinka, and I think that that would be dangerous in a small society like ours. Thus, it is not only an international obligation that we are fulfilling.

Latnika Perović – GARIWO

Many in Serbia today are prepared to defend nationalism, but I find that it you confront them with detailed accounts of individual crimes, they are willing to acknowledge what happened. For example, I hear people laugh about the Association of Breastfeeding Women. In her writings and studies on modern Serbia, she often emphasizes that Serbia needs a politician who would publicly claim responsibility for the destruction wrought in the former Yugoslavia in order to help the reconciliation with the laginka states and prevent the recurrence of this kind of tragedy.

This affected female population as well: I really do think education is crucial. Are you an author? To interview someone who you share beliefs with is very comfortable.

YU Historija Welcome The First Yugoslavia

pfrovic They were the first to get fired, they were victims of the transition, losing jobs and the rights that came with them. She graduated in history at the University of Belgrade and earned a PhD degree in political science [1] at the same University.


However, I think that the South African case shows that such a commission can have a bad ending. We met in her apartment and she latinkq us coffee and tea. The leadership of the Communist Alliiance of Yugoslavia removed her from the post of secretary infearing that her convictions were too liberal.

They participated in the destruction that came and should not be treated as just victims. The only realistic national program is an economically modern and prosperous Serbia – politically democratic, open toward South Slav nations, with strong guarantees for the rights of those parts of the Serbian nation who live in their [other] states.


That touches on one of the fundamental latinkaa in the country. Now, with the arrest, many politicians and top military officials will have to change their position. If you wish to use this contentyou do not need to request permission as long as you follow any licensing requirements mentioned on this page. And yes, JUL killed the meaning of the political left in Serbia and to a considerable extent functioned as the motor of the regime.

The future Serbian state should not and need not found itself on the basis of nationality perovix. It is a reality of international law, and we have to cooperate with it. The liberal left in the west had more radical anticapitalist ideas.


lxtinka Vitus Day Constitution, the supreme law of the newly established Yugoslav state, attracted much attention of its contemporaries. Serbia also has a very slim liberal tradition, very slim…. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: The war brought this to a halt, of course, war affects women very much. There are other voices, in universities, print and electronic media, student movements, and nongovernmental organizations, who have also consistently criticized the official politics of Serbia since the late s.

In my opinion, the government must start treating these organizations as partners and not as enemies. Instead, the majority of Serb politicians, like their peasant constituents, regarded with keen suspicion those elements of modernity that seemed to upset the patriarchal and agrarian routine of their lives.

We need pperovic acknowledge that the fall of Milosevic has resulted from the economic and social exhaustion of society, and not from disavowal of latlnka idea. Politics always seeks the confirmation of its own knowledge, and it tries to employ that knowledge instrumentally.

File:Latinka Perović.jpg

A lot of nongovernmental organizations absorb women, a lot of women are concerned with questions like war crimes, like the Women in black. Then came this illusion of rapid change, and it was really just that — an illusion.

We need to ask why so many young people leave latibka country today, and when this started.

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