Nov 15, Filipino Traditional Games or ” Mga Laro ng Lahi” are games that Filipino children invented (but some are adopted as well) that are played. Jul 31, ‘Laro ng lahi’: It’s importance in the inclusion to DepEd programs made these programs even more special is the inclusion of ‘laro ng lahi’ in. Jun 2, In the early ‘s and ‘s, children practice a lot of fun games which is called Laro ng Lahi. But do children these days see this just as an.

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Patay patayanalso referred to as Killer Eye, involves at least 4 players. If the player is touched they will have to say that they are dead while lying on the ground. The attack team must try to run along the perpendicular lines from the home-base to the back-end, and return without being tagged by the defence players.

Once one player is tagged, they will then help the it to tag the other players until no other participant is left. Samahang Makasining Artist ClubInc.

12 best laro ng lahi images on Pinterest in | Filipino culture, Kids playing and Pinoy

They will assign each individual what they wanted to be, then act as if it is real. If nobody catches the stick, any player can pick it up. Whoever loses is the monkey! Hence, running after another player is keeping an eye to the tin can’s position.

Administrative divisions Elections Foreign relations Political parties. What Ever Happened to Sipa”. Jack ‘n’ Poy, hale-hale-hoy!

Despite what some say about Filipino Street Games vanishing in Philippine society due to computers and technology, that is not actually true. The small bag usually contains money or toys. The crouching player gradually stands up as the game progresses, making it harder for the other players to jump over them. Si Nena ay bata pa, kaya ang sabi nya ay um um um ah laroo players should act a baby action Si Nena ay dalaga na, kaya lago sabi nya ay um um um ah ah players should act a lady action Si Nena ay nanay na, kaya ang sabi nya ay um um um ah ah players should act a mother action Si Nena ay namatay na, kaya ang sabi nya ay um um um ah ah players should act a dead action Si Nena ay mumu na, kaya ang sabi nya ay um um um ah ah players should act a ghost action.


Whichever team finishes first wins. This is done again by hitting the wood with the stick in midair as far away as possible. The player must not allow the sipa to touch the ground by hitting it laaro times with their foot, and sometimes the part just above the knee. It is played a more precise way by tucking the marble with the player’s third finger, the thumb under the marble, the fourth finger used as to stable the marble.

Traditional Filipino Games (Laro ng Lahi)

Until now, it was one of the most traditional game in the Philippines. One way to reminisce these days is through those games that curved our lips with a smile and served as a binding force on budding friendships and young laih.

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The team can win based on highest score of one player with the most distant reaches. Each pair then does a hand clapping “routine” while singing the ” Bahay Kubo ” or ” Leron-leron Sinta “. This game is where players should hold the ball called holen in their hand then throw it to hit the players ball out of the playing area.


The tendency is that even when the taya has already made everything stood up but when the slipper will fall from the tin, they is not allowed catching anybody unless he hurriedly put it back to its position. In this time where everything seems fast and everyone wants to get a glimpse of the future, it is nice to look back where innocence and happiness lingers in our minds, it is our childhood.

It involves riding a horse while holding a dagger and “catching” rings hanging from a tree or some other structure using the dagger.

Each player has a pamato and an anak. The Hidden Message May 31, – 3: The other players will attempt to catch the flying shorter stick. If the player with the shorter stick misses to hit the longer one, the same batter will continue.

This has been their regular and popular pastimes, as well as the favorite games of our parents and grandparents until new and modern forms of entertainment technology like computers, phones has taken over the interests of children.

You can help by adding to it. Building dreams, changing lives.

Our collections may be beneficial or not but in the end, we learn through the ups and downs life can bring. This also one of the popular Filipino street games played lahk children using their slippers to hit a tin can at the center. Vivian Velez, mahilig sa alis!

Winners stand at the throwing line with their anak beyond line A-B longer line between hole and throwing line.

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