Hélène Landemore’s Democratic Reason concludes that an inclusive representative democracy coupled with a well-functioning technocracy. on the idea of collective intelligence. It pres- ents arguments supporting the collective in- telligence of the people, which Landemore calls “Democratic Reason”. Landemore, Helene E., Democratic Reason: The Mechanisms of Collective Intelligence in Politics (April 1, ). COLLECTIVE WISDOM.

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The essay gestures instead towards a non-electoral form of democracy that would structurally encourage open rather than closed-mindedness and thus fully harness the benefits of diversity. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Democratic Reason

The paper argues that this new theory—the argumentative theory of reasoning—provides theoretical support for the discursive, dialogical ideal of democratic deliberation. Home What is sortition? Reasoning is for arguing: The following articles are merged in Scholar. Notify me of new comments via email.

Helene Landemore | Yale University –

As the key feature of democracy is that it is an inclusive decision procedure, and inclusion tends to increase cognitive diversity, democracies are likely to outperform rival regime types. Fabienne Peter – – Politics, Philosophy and Economics 6 3: The Epistemic Value of the Democratic Process. Every human group faces the problem of how to reconcile the tension between, on the one hand, the requirement of public order and the need for a coordinated and cooperative life in common with others and, on the other, the expression of When applied to deliberative assemblies of representatives, where there is an upper limit to the number of people that can be included in the group, the argument translates into a defense of a specific selection mode of participants: Added to PP index Total downloads 34of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?


This article examines the demographic characteristics, motivations, and expectations of participants in a crowdsourced off-road traffic law reform in Finland.

Paul Gunn – – Critical Review 26 To the extent that a democrtic is an organization comparable to the state, it too ought to be ruled along democratic lines. We should thus encourage people to participate in politics in ways that engage their reasoning faculty, not just their party loyalty.

Demcratic the extent that the fate of deliberative democracy has become intimately intertwined with representative democracy as both a normative paradigm and a set of particular historical institutions, and to the extent that representative democracy is under attack precisely for being representative and keeping ordinary citizens at arm’s length of the lnademore site of decision and power, deliberative democrats should be worried about the status of their theory.

The findings suggest that online exchanges in the crowdsourced process qualify as democratic deliberation according to the classical definition.

A review of Landemore’s Democratic Reason | Equality by lot

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But another strand of democratic theory takes the argument by the horns and tries to show that democracy is indeed epistemically sound.


The Constitution of Equality: It all helps us do what we do. Open-mindedness, in particular to the views of one’s political opponents, would seem to be such a civic virtue. The participants shared about ideas, 4, comments and 19, votes in the crowdsourcing process.

Request removal from index. Mutz argues that there is an inverse correlation between deliberation and participation. Modularity and synthesis support these overarching principles and are instrumental in achieving the main goals of crowdsourced policymaking, namely, an reasoh search for knowledge and democratic deliberation among the participants. Democratic participation and deliberation in crowdsourced legislative processes: Princeton University Press Lessons from the Cognitive Sciences more.

Entrevista com Bernard Manin e Nadia Urbinati more. You can find out more about her work at www.

About Finns participated in the law-reform process online by sharing Crowdsourced off-road traffic law experiment in Finland. Democratjc It Up on Volume: Politics and the Economist-King:

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