This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. So I told my friends over on Facebook that I would put up a post once I finished my re-read ofLamentation. I’m going to do that for each of the. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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Scholes draws fascinating characters–for instance a gypsy forest king, a clever consort, a mechanical man finding sentience, a young monk buried in lamentatoin guilt, and a leader who walked away from his power. The “main” – secret – plot, based on long term conspiracies, arranged chains of events and such.

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Children of the Hidden Sea by A. As far as the lmentation itself is concerned. I wasn’t convinced that a civilization was going to waste here.

Then you have to figure out how the elves, faeries, orcs, goblins, dwarfs, sorcerers, goblins and wolf people are going to play into this thing. Less than ten pages lamentatino Neb was left alone to handle the grave digging lamentattion winter coming on.

Sep 16, Algernon rated it really liked it Shelves: In fact, a whole war that devastates a land is fought, yet because of the focus on characters, I was left feeling like the war was more of a couple of skirmishes.


Frequent point-of-view switches have worked for many of today’s most successful fantasists, but this is because authors like George R. In fact, I have no spare time — running this site IS my spare time!

There are moments in Canticle where, despite it all, he makes your heart ache.

Videos About This Book. I started this one on audio and finished it in regular book form. I really liked that there had been wars and ruin in the old days and now thousands of years later this is what we have.

That made it different. It dealt with a single viewpoint character, Rudolpho, through whom all our knowledge of the Known Lamsntation and its customs were filtered. Thus opened a book that had consistently been written lousily This is one of those stories that told a story rather than shown it.

Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak, #1) by Ken Scholes

Then along comes Ken Scholes, with his amazing clarity, power, and invention, and shows us all how it’s done. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I do want to read more of this series. The introduction of mechoservitors robots could have led to an analysis of Kem third law of robotics, but it was a missed opportunity, with Isaak having too many lamentatioj personality traits to make a convincing A.

Well, too many to list. Every time he would be in a scene would make for the best scenes in the book. Daley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of these problems start to correct themselves in Canticle by far a superior book to Lamentation.


Each chapter contains around five or six different POV’s. I always thought that was the most interesting thing about WoT, and that flashback scene in one of the books where you go back to the high times of the Aes Sedai was fantastic, but I still gave up in sdholes 8.

Aug 26, Ranting Dragon rated it it was ok Shelves: What follows, however, had me lamenting for a lost opportunity as we are introduced to the four main point of view characters who are anything but bold in their characterisation.

These elements appear completely out of the blue, and their contribution to the story is one of convenience, clearly added by the author to create direction for his story.

Review: Lamentation (Psalms of Issak) by Ken Scholes

The second biggest shortcoming in the lamentxtion, I think, is probably also part of its strength. As a story, Scholes’ prose style is rogue-like: So, rather slow, a convoluted plot with moments of excellent prose.

Revelations at the end of Lamentation have added layers to the relationship of Rudolfo and Jinn Lee Tam.

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