Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. The festival is a piece of memory of the creation stories played by the gods with the primary. Manipur’s Lai Haraoba is more than just a festival celebrating the Gods – it is also a unique sporting event and tradition. Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on.

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All are shown with very fine, attractive and meaningful dances representing the development of the human body in twelve months in the parents’ womb. Boys, harqoba and grown up people take part in its performance. Atiya Guru desired to solidify the framework.

Absolute fitness and skill are necessary to pin the opponent to the ground with a part of their body besides the feet. Fourth is the Lairen Mathek.

Kufri laj, ManaliNaggarrohtnagpass. This article needs additional citations for verification. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox before everyone else!

Lai-Haroba Festival, Manipur

Some expressions of jhuming cultivation are also expressed during this dance. Kanglei-thokpa or lai-lam-thokpa is a play of the festival performed outside the laibung, in any place suitable for assembling greater number of participants.

Lai Haraoba is a festival associated with Meitei Peoplecelebrated to harakba traditional deities of Sanamahism. You are reading about. Guru Sidaba then sent the goddess of lightning to assist Atiya Guru.


This goes on till late in the night and covers many stories up to the creation of the universe and life. To accomplish this mission he sent, Atiya Guru Sidaba with a creature who maneuvered a wiry network in which human life was to be integrated. The dance steps are done on tiptoes. Meiteis take every male and female as god and goddess who play the role and deities in the Haraoba.

During the festival, men and women dance in front of the harxoba of gods and goddesses, as part of the custom. Apart from celebrating an age-old tradition, this is also a celebration of the sporting spirit of Manipuri people.

Trip for Goa In villages and towns the organisers arrange a beautiful illumination by fitting the tube lights on bamboo posts around a sufficient area which is centrally located public places. The priest and priestess chant the holy hymns while performers form a human circle around them and dance to it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lai – Haraoba The Manipuris believe that this dance represents the concept of the beginning of the world.

Atiya Guru along with the team of men and women sat down to work.

Lai Haraoba – Connecting Manipur’s Mythology and Its Martial Art

The king, the knights, the warrior chiefs, the haraoha, the village elders and the youths and the girls are given their respective seats properly. Some of the items of Lai Haraoba lao slight changes and small differences for the deities are lai ikouba calling or taking the gods out of water, at the beginning of Lai Haraobalei langba, naoshum ishei shakpa lullabyyakairol ishei awakeningphammang laimang phamba, lei katpa, laibou chenba, laibou shaba, etc.


Where do you want to go?

Thus, Lai Haraoba has successfully blended traditional stories with sports to produce something with immense significance for our country today.

Sanamahi, Pakhangba, Nongpok Ningthou, Leimarel and Panthoibi are a portion of the real divinities and separated from them around Umang Lais or Jungle gods are likewise worshiped by the Lia.

Sanamahi, Pakhangba, Nongpok Ningthou, Leimarel and Panthoibi are some of the major deities and apart haraiba them around Umang Lais or Jungle deities are also worshiped by the Meiteis According to mythical belief, the festival was first held at Koubru Ching. Lai Haraoba Ishei is a famous folk song played mainly during Lai Haraoba. First, the lai bung or haraobung festival ground is properly arranged.

Hzraoba Fair and Festivals. Altogether, there are more than Gods worshiped throughout the state. The other gods and the deities are worshipped in the “Umang lai Laisangs” temple of gods in the reserved woods with spacious grounds in the villages.

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