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First of all, I hope you’ve got some time to devote to listening as this baby clocks in at about 55 minutes. I tell you yecnotronica, though, it’s well worth your time. Think of it as two acts. In the opening act, Jim answers some of the Turdite questions that were submitted earlier this week. We tried to cover as many as we could but we only got to 5 or 6 of them. The questions were so good that it took a while to answer them but we tried our best to hit the most popular queries.

In act two, Jim and I discuss current events and the developing “black hole” of the U. No matter what you think of Ann Barnhardt, you have to admit, she walks the walk she talks about. On the top of her site tonight was a link to alt-market.

Now, one of the first tenets or rules that a person learns when delving into the Liberty Movement is that there is no such thing as political parties in America today.

There are no conflicting interests in Washington D. It is a sham. In tecnotrpnica, the leaderships of both fraudulent parties support essentially the same methodology, and that methodology could be summarized thus: If an American does not understand this dynamic and how brzezinskk is used to dominate the ebb and flow of our culture, then that American knows nothing.

If my only choice this fall is between Romney and Obama, and that sure looks like that’s what it’ll be, I’ve decided I’ll sit this one out. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

Systemsdeath Recordings

One World – n. The new idea i heard was that one day the FED could stop being central bank, being the corporation that they are ; Intriguing.

I raised the question before, who are they. Because, a lot of the story of Jim is based on this new sheriff, and if we want to form ourselves an idea about how powerful they are and who’s side they are on you have to know more about their identity. Because it will tell us if they chose sides with Obama or Romney even if they are opposite sides of the same coin. It is actually quite telling, and as such i found that to be a chance missed in the interview.

Yes, i realize this brings in a lot of assumptions, guessing, conspiracy if you will, but once you accept the reality that these people are busy crashing the world on their terms, a lot of things start to make more sense. And the interviews get more depth as well, because it becomes like chess. Sounds like Jim’s unnamed “friend” just quoted a piece straight out of Martin Armstrong’s newest published work from yesterday called “Truth about Gold, why you should buy gold now,” on his unofficial website https: Furthermore in the core economy — that is the peripheral fringe.

When you are talking about the CORE economy instead of the fringe such as Germany in the s or Zimbabwe, it is no longer possible for capital to flee to other nations because there is nothing stable to run to. If the USA were to move into that sort of scenario, the entire world would collapse. What are you going to buy. Big institutional money still needs the dollar. The flight-to-quality is still taking place. He’s a brilliant, sensible man. He predicted the famous market crash in the 80’s to the very DAY, as well as several other market crashes around the world.


God knows there are plenty of those around.

Also, just my suggestion, but you should be skeptical of people who constantly refer to a special “friend” or “contact” who always seems to be anonymous. Its an age old tactic.

Create an imaginary friend to express your unfounded predictions in order to dodge the blame when it doesn’t come to pass. You may be familiar with a few others who use this tactic, such as Pastor Lindsey Williams and Alex Jones, both of whom are constantly, incessantly proclaiming something, and also somehow simultaneously making money.

ZH this morning carries a Wall Street analysis with three scenarios: I would concur but only in the very short term. Global MSM is now reporting in real-time as the disaster happens.

I cannot comment on what moves that will cause, although of course they could be large. More specifically, Germans are talking about Target 2. Southern Europeans are reducing their risk of losing value by transferring their funds to German banks, into cash or out of the zone.

This bleeds South European banks. Funds are then transferred from Germany to them. German taxpayers are assuming the risk as South Europeans escape it. This may sound esoteric, but the Germans are aware of it.

So far there has been nothing but uncompromising noise coming from Germany. In any scenario that threatens the German Target 2 credit or the real value of German household EUR deposits – these are savers not borrowers – ordinary which means relatively wealthy Germans are going to seek to derisk their own wealth holdings through the banking system.

In they did this by renting every safety deposit box in Central Europe and cleaning the place out of gold. I wonder how erq will do it in Somehow I don’t think that these relatively bright and assertive people brzezniski just stand there and watch EUR 1T go poof.

Other nationals with balances in relatively safe countries may do likewise. Bund yields are losing their safe haven allure. Europe just may be the first to catch on to the idea that an alternative is needed even to ‘safe haven’ bonds, ‘safe’ bank credit balances and physical cash. A yellow alternative, and subsequently perhaps a white one too. Sorry for the compacted previous chart. Here is a more expanded view Although the man is obviously very skilled and shows that he knows what he is talking about, some things were flawed or lacking in my opinion.

Sorry but the silver market is manipulated into oblivion, obviously against the law, and therefor with backing up from the government. To state this is simply a normal tfcnotronica where people try to make money buying and selling paper contracts, business as usual, is beyond naive.

Once again, the TF Metals Report was months ahead of the mainstream media. Astute Turdfans will remember that several of Turd’s podcast guests and the man himself have been tecnotroniva for some time now about big moves in the East that will drastically affect the Cartel’s ability to manipulate the price of metals.

Hong Kong’s stock exchange operator said Friday it has agreed to buy the year-old London Metal Exchange for 1. The exchange has “identified particular demand for commodities trading, focused around metals, to support the large and growing metals consumption in Asia, and particularly, China,” it said in a statement.

Hold onto your yellow hats, folks, Turd and Willie’s “Sheriff from the East” just walked into the saloon. You specifically mention Bernanke and the Fed, in terms of who ‘these people’ are, and I would argue that they brzeinski blindly grasping at straws – this is chaos, not a master plan.


The list of ‘these people’ is way too long for there to be anything of a real plan at work – the EU hasn’t had a plan all along it turns out, except maybe Germany intended to take over the continent. That individual factions have been planning, yes – the Rothchilds, the various Chinese powers, Hong Kong, etc.

VIAF ID: 34581946 (Personal)

No master plan is being executed, even if many are being attempted. Oh, left out the IMF, they tecnotroniica have a master plan, but the Chinese are just going to keep Europe’s airplanes, so there goes that plan. The World Bank has a plan, but they don’t have any money. The UN would have a plan, but anyone who gets sent there from their basket-case country just starts to snuffle up the truffles, while Africa burns. The world is too big, even for the master plans of Dr No.

Ben Bernanke is currently at a pretty big lever, but the machine behind the lever is not what he thinks it is. Sorry to pour cold tecnotfonica, but in my opinion the most important principle here is that metal flows eastwards. Having as I do the survival and prosperity of the West at least to a limited extent at heart, I cannot welcome this development as good news. This should continue until the Chinese demographic bulge has been worked through, which will be beyond our lifetimes.

But I am not expecting the sheriff to help us much. Instead Tecnotronicaa am learning his language so that I can listen to his conversations with the judge and the prison guards – any chink in their armour may help. Aaron Regent, who was fired last week as chief executive officer of Barrick Gold Corp.

I guess we then agree to disagree. The plan as i see it is to establish a world empire, where the map is divided into regions. Europe will be such a region, as is the US. With central banks like the FED, the bank of England, and a few others, providing the financial backing. I see that the bailout in Spain and the proposed injection of liquidity in the UK is really pushing up those PM prices: Takes me back to something I mentioned previously, where I predicted that QE3 when it arrives will have less effect than the perma-bulls are hoping for.

Agreeing to disagree is something you do when you stop arguing – not something you suggest to make the other person look argumentative, while you then present your side as a conclusion. The same people that are behind the trilateral commission and Bilderberg conferences, mainly sra monarchs and old money. Key players are David Rockefeller, Zebigniew Brzezinski and a few others. Not sure how fluent you are in foreign languages but this is a very telling document by Brzezinski:.

TFMR Podcast #23 – The Jim Willie Trifecta

But there are many other documents on this topic, from the players themselves where they outline it all: Lots of promises, but no ink on paper. Reports of the impact on the regional physical markets will no doubt start dribbling into the media in the coming weeks. They will try, IMO, to print like there’s no tomorrow than to admit they were wrong. I take JW’s point, that it’s not just China but Korea as well, etc, but that could also mean that it’s other private banking cartels, the 0.

It does indeed all seems to be going according to plan, controlled demolition leading to tighter global financial controls This could be the Vampire Squid going for the kill, non?

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