Download Citation on ResearchGate | Kepadatan Jumlah Kumbang Badak ( Oryctes rhinoceros L.) Pada Tanaman Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis jacq.). Download Citation on ResearchGate | Tingkat Serangan Kumbang Badak ( Oryctes rhinoceros L.) Pada Areal Pertanaman Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis Jacq. PREFERENSI KUMBANG BADAK (Oryctes rhinocheros) PADA KOLEKSI. PALEM KEBUN RAYA PURWODADI. Dewi Ayu Lestari. 1). Rony Irawanto. 2).

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An opportunistic bacterial pathogen, Pseudomonas alcaligenes, may limit the perpetuation of Kkumbang virus, a biocontrol agent of Oryctes rhinoceros L. Commonwealth Agriculture Bureaux Miscellanous Publication no.

Transportation of this material could be a pathway of introduction to new areas. Chemical Control Most of the khmbang applied are targeted to control the adult stages attacking the spear of the palm.

Get More Votes 5 Credits. Symptomatology, epizootology and economic importance. The female coconut rhinoceros beetle burrows into rotting stumps, standing palms and rubbish piles to lay her eggs. Shrivelled in appearance, it shakes its body actively when disturbed. Impact of Metarhizium anisopliae Deuteromycotina: Mass production of entomopathogen Metarhizium anisopliae in coconut water wasted from copra making industry.

A supply of beetles for infecting and release may be obtained from a mass-rearing facility. Insecticidal treatment at the bottom soil of manure pits may also be useful to suppress the larval stages Visalakshi et al. Introduction of a new virus disease of the coconut rhinoceros beetle in Western Samoa. We require Facebook for sign up to keep the voting fair and unbiased. Efficacy of naphthalene balls in the control of rhinoceros beetle attacks in coconut. Dead palms – fronds severely damaged, all spears rotting and can be lifted out easily with no live kumbajg to emerge.


Kumbang Badak

It has since been introduced into Fiji Bedford, d,the Maldives and other islands in the South Pacific to control O. An effective trapping method with rotting castor cake slurry kept in mud pots has been developed bada rhinoceros beetle. Soaking of castor cake at 1kg in 5 litres of water in small mud pots and placing them in coconut gardens to attract and kill the adults.

Pemberitaan Penelitian Tanaman Industri, kumang 4: Decaying pandanus trunk in Palau Gressitt, and heaps of decaying cocoa pod shells in New Ireland Bedford, a are also reported as breeding sites. Coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros Linnaeus Coleoptera: Amsterdam; Elsevier pp.

Sharma S, Gupta SG, Imagos of Oryctes rhinoceros are large mm long and mm breadth, black or reddish black in colour, stout and possesses kumnang characteristic badqk horn which is larger in males. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the baxak available. You don’t have enough credits. Countries or multi-country features with distribution records for Oryctes rhinoceros. When placed on a slippery surface they swiftly move away on their backs.

Insect pests in the Wallis Island and Futuna. Sign up to continue voting… We require Facebook for sign up to keep the voting fair and unbiased. The major components of the Integrated Pest Management Package consist of mechanical, chemical and biological methods.

Studies on the green muscardine fungus: Annual Report of the Pacific Science Board, 7: However, some additional damage may be inflicted to the young palms during the search for the adults, making the practice not entirely satisfactory. The whole trap is set at a height of 1.


Other natural enemies affecting O. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization. Risk of Introduction Top badao page McKenna and Shroff reported that the pest first appeared in the extreme south of Myanmar, probably from Malaysia inand worked its way through to the north over the next 15 years. To earn more, try out ImageDuelor just buy more. Choose the better image: The rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros in young oil palms replanted after rubber on some estates in Western Malaysia.

Biology and Ecology Top of page O.

File:Kumbang badak jantan – Wikimedia Commons

Adults may live up to 6 months or more Bedford, ; Khoo et al. Descriptions of the larvae of some rhinoceros beetles Col. The coconut palm is an important plantation crop in India, where it is cultivated on 1. Infection of Oryctes rhinoceros L. Oryctes rhinoceros and other important palm pests in Burma Proc. New records of the Dynastides pests from Rajasthan. Symptoms Top of page O. Oryctes rhinoceros is one of the most serious pests of the coconut palm.

Working party on coconut production, Protection and processing, Kingston, Jamaica. The fungus Metarhizium anisopliae var. Kumbanh The prepupa is somewhat similar in appearance to the larval stage, except that it is smaller than the final larval instar.

Coleoptera, Dynastidae male pheromone. Use of a virus against the coconut palm rhinoceros beetle in Fiji. Proceedings of the Malaysian Crop Protection Conference

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