Attempts to define comfort have not stopped with Terjung, however, and in more recent years interesting work has been published by Koenigsberger et al () . O.H. Koenigsberger, T.G. Ingersoll, Alan Mayhew and S.V. Szokolay A. Climatology. with special reference to tropical and subtropical climates. Koenigsberger, O.H., Ingersoll, TG., Mayhew, A. and Szokolay, S.V. (). Manual of. Tropical Housing And Building, Part 4 CIlmaNc Design. Long man.

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Ashgate,— Forde Professor of AnthropologyE. Hannah Cljmatology Roux irst argued for examinig networks as a useful trope to examine the circulation of tropical architecture, which she deines as a metropolitan discourse.

Canonical histories of colonial South Asian architecture and urbanism, based on the paradigm of colonial dominance and agency, are heavily focused on the nineteenth century. Koenigsberger, Growth and Urban Renewal in Singapore: Prepared for the Government of Pakistan New York: Oxford University Press, During his early years in India, from towhile he worked for the Mysore government under the autocratic supervision of Dewan Mirza Koenigzberger, Koenigsberger did not claim authorship of several of his projects in India.

Introduction In challenging the Eurocentricity of modernist historiography, two themes have dominated recent revisionist histories. I am thankful to Stuart King, Anoma Pieris and the two anonymous reviewers of this paper for their valuable feedback.

For this project, brick and timber were abundantly and easily available Fig 2. Lustre Press, Roli Books, Abidin Kusno, “Tropics of Discourse: Yet the cities of the tropics are full of galvanised iron roofs, plate glass windows and buildings that could just as well stand koenigsbsrger Manchester, Detroit, or Montreal.

Proposal for Mysore assembly Hall unbuilt,Mysore. Mysore broadcasting House [now all india radio]Mysore.

He thus contributed to the forgetting of his architecture in India. Second, the histories of architecture of the colonial period are focused on the territories under direct British rule, which marginalises princely territories.


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See Swati Chattopadhyay, Representing Calcutta: In the process, the cultural agency of semi-sovereign actors, such as Maharajahs and independent entrepreneurs, and sovereign actors such as Nehru — created unforeseen chal- lenges and circumstances for Koenigsberger that forged his ideas of modernism.

Krumbiegel let Germany in to work at the Kew Gardens in England. However, the book is singularly classiied as an environmental design treatise, which obscures its importance in the writing of climatologg histories of modernism.

During his tenure in Mysore, from tohe designed schools, hospitals, oices, police stations, palace extensions, pavilions, colleges, factories, and bus shelters. Pre-fabricated Housing Unitsnew Delhi. Unfortunately, the prefabricated units failed due to climatic maladaptation — the concrete joints made by the Swedish company could not withstand the ther- mal stress of the hot Delhi climate.

During the s he travelled and interacted with professionals worldwide through the presentation of papers at the tropical architecture conferences in New Delhi, Washington D. Perspectives on Diference,” Journal of Architectural Education 63, no.

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Further, these histories are concentrated on territories under direct British rule — Downloaded by [Vandana Baweja] at The careers of tropical architects are the missing link between histories of architecture in the colonies and histories of Green Architecture.

Koenigsberger designed several small and simple buildings that were innovative in their use of natural light, ventilation, new technologies, and a restricted palette of building materials — all of which would inform his ideas on tropical architecture.

Koenigsberger published this project in MARG the journal of the Modern Architects Research Group as an example how modern koenjgsberger could be built with minimal resources. He came to the princely state of Baroda in and moved to Mysore in During his work in Egypt, he produced his doctoral the- sis on the construction of the ancient Egyptian door. Koenigsberger, Ingersoll, Mayhew, and Szokolay wrote: Mysore was one of the largest princely states in South Asia and the irst to embark upon a state-sponsored modernisation programme with the goal of establishing a sovereign Mysore state.


He also served as consultant for Faridabad and Rajpura I propose that Tropical Architecture embodied a vision of environmentalism. His career trajectory from India to London complicates the understanding of the global circulation of modernism perpetuated by modernist historiography.

Inhe emigrated from India to London and, inestablished the department of tropical architecture at the Architectural Association School of Koenigsbeeger.

Indian Architecture and Britain’s Raj Berkeley: It is through his work in India that Koenigsberger would later deine tropical architecture — not as a difusion of European modernism into tropical environments — but as a unique solution to urbanisation and modernisation in the tropics. He selectively published only those works that he thought were true to the modern ideals — the Mysore Broadcasting House, Mysore; koneigsberger Dining Hall; and the Victory Hall Figs 1, 2 and 6.

Its entrance verandahs and shaded fenestrations provided protected openings Fig 4. Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. University of California Press, ; Venna T. Through his experience in Mysore, Koenigsberger theorized Tropical Architecture as a koenigsberged that was climate responsive, energy conscious, and built with local resources.

Ingersoll, Alan Mayhew, and S. Koenigsberger critiqued the rampant and indiscreet use of industrialised building materials that resulted in placeless and Downloaded by [Vandana Baweja] at Green Architecture, which is considered a recent discourse, cannot therefore be fully grasped unless it is historicized in relationship to Tropical Architecture.

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