Suzanne Somers’ book shares groundbreaking cancer prevention and care KNOCKOUT Provides Something All Who Are Touched By Cancer Need – HOPE . Knockout by Suzanne Somers, Attacks Cancer Establishment. Suzanne Somers: Hello Michael let’s talk about your approach to treating people with are two types of cancer patients some want to choose.

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BREAKING: Health Author Suzanne Somers Mostly Wrong About Science, Medicine

Not to mention what insurance pays them, what patients pay them, and what pharmaceutical companies give them through kickbacks. You owe it to yourself soers family to know these things!!

Few doctors would argue. Hard to believe they reacted so strongly if she was truly behaving in a levelheaded manner. In the case of early stage breast cancer, the primary treatment is surgery. She also underwent radiation, although she has stated in the past and now states in Knockout that, if she had it all to do over again, she would not have opted for radiation.

Somers is 63, but apparently in good health.

Over the past 30 years, despite government investment, he has failed to provide compelling data that his expensive treatments work.

There are some intriguing studies, but good science requires looking at all the studies, not just the ones that support your opinion. Fortunately, I was able to reassure everyone and correct the misconceptions that had been left, but I did not feel too good about my bedside manner that day. Best of all, the risk of lymphedema from the procedure very, very small, far smaller than it is for axillary dissection removing all the lymph nodes. In addition, her Please.

Not all research findings are equally authoritative.

BREAKING: Health Author Suzanne Somers Mostly Wrong About Science, Medicine

She currently features items of her design on the Home Shopping Network. Whichever path you choose, Knockout is a must-have resource to navigate the life-and-death world of cancer and increase your odds of survival. There is also this idea, that comes up many times in the book, about people living with and managing cancer much like other chronic diseases as opposed to poisoning, radiating and cutting out.


You need to believe that you will be auzanne and its proven that even something as simple as that can help. Did you know there are only 4 types of cancers that are treatable with chemo? Other countries are getting the Regardless of what you think of Suzanne Somers Ultimately, Somers did get a biopsy. Radiation therapy reduces the risk of local recurrences recurrences in the breastand chemotherapy and antiestrogen therapy like Tamoxifen reduce the risk of systemic recurrences recurrences elsewhere in the body.

She went to the hospital and they told her that she has full body cancer. Nicholas Gonzalez, who uses a combination of enzymes, massive amounts of nutritional supplements to a day—yes, you read that righta strict diet, and daily coffee enemas, which suzanbe says can cure pancreatic cancer. Now she shares her personal choices and outlines an array of options from doctors across the country:.

Domers 10, Diane rated it did not like it. What form of cancer quackery has been covered so ably by Kimball Atwood since the very beginning of this blog?

They tell her this after they want to give her chemo, and a ton of drugs which she later found out would’ve killed her. It is biased completely towards that approach. Specifically, she argues against what she sees as the vast and often pointless use onockout chemotherapy. Information is knowledge and applied knowledge is wisdom. Some the statistics provided are muddled and the trial sizes quite small as many of the docs are using non-patentable drugs, thus no money.

A year into the study, 56 percent of those using chemotherapy were still alive, compared with only 16 percent of those who chose the enzyme therapy. Her book is entitled Knockout: Now she shares her personal choices and outlines an array In KnockoutSuzanne Somers interviews doctors who are successfully using the most innovative cancer treatments—treatments that build up the body rather than tear it down.



This book explains in detail how big pharmaceutical companies have compromised our health care. Somers reminds us just how important proper nutrition is. Somers to do an interview for OM-Times Magazine http: Nothing makes supplements magically immune to the laws of physics and chemistry.

Look at how many Suzanne has cranked out, starting with food combining in the s. I had debated whether to wait until I had read it to write about the book, but then last week I saw this interview with Ann Curry:. Feb 19, Sandie Bailey added it. Sep 19, Suzie Quint rated it it was amazing Shelves: The signs and symptoms of disseminated disease depend on which parts of your body are affected and may include:.

So, it is definitely interesting and it is useful to find out about all the wide variety of approaches that these scientists are taking in fighting cancer the non-conventional way. Enjoyed it so much I am not only re-reading it, I am ordering a hard copy so I can use it as a reference book as well. I subscribe to the “more information is better” way of dealing with things, but it does make it a lot more difficult to make decisions about treatment options.

In this case cancer docs who are bought and paid for by big pharma. Hardcoverpages. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. An empowering book for those with cancer, you don’t have to be miserable, you can thrive! Because it doesn’t work. By the time I finished it, I knew I could highly recommend it.

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