: Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: ―Vol. I, Books (): John Knoblock: Books. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books John Knoblock Human Nature and Virtue in Mencius and Xunzi: An Aristotelian. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works,. Volume 1: nese writers , Knoblock says that the importance of Hsun Tzu in Chinese philosophy is.

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Xunzi : a translation and study of the complete works / John Knoblock – Details – Trove

No trivia or quizzes yet. Baumrin – – Metaphilosophy 17 4: The first portion of the book includes an extended general introduction in seven chapters which discusses such topics as Xunzi’s biography and intellectual kknoblock, the philosophical themes which dom- inate the book, and the history of the text itself. Reservations such as these are important to xunzo in mind precisely because of the overall excellence of Knoblock’s work, which will undoubtedly be viewed for years to come as the definitive translation of the Xunzi.

The general introduction recounts the biography of Xunzi, his later influence, the intellectual world in which he lived, and the basic terms that the ancient Chinese used to conceptualize nature and society.

Want to Read saving…. Books by John Knoblock.

A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 11 3: For example, one of the most basic disputes in Xunzi studies is the date of Xunzi’s birth, an issue which pivots on a textual variation in early sources, which variously report Xunzi’s arrival in the state of Qi as occurring in his fifteenth or fiftieth year neither option is entirely satisfactory in constructing a reasonable chronology.


Knoblock’s ambitious general introduction provides a detailed scholarly framework for his translation.

Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books 1-6

A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 3 1: The collection of works bearing his name contains not only the most systematic An Exhortation to Learning. There may be specific instances where one could dispute whether a passage is a citation or an original idea, but by highlighting the issue in this way, Knoblock’s translation will add new sensitivity to our future readings of the Chinese text. James Behuniak – – Philosophy East and West 50 1: XunziJohn Knoblock.

Books Xunzi No preview available – Chenyang Li – – Dao: The biographical section attempts to elaborate the spare accounts of Xunzi’s life which we possess into a full intellectual biography by exploring how Xunzi’s wandering life brought him into contact with the major philosophical thinkers and political actors of his day.

Essays, Articles, Reviews 12 perhaps taken as a conventional reference to the age at which study begins, in line with Analects, II. This will be helpful to those unacquainted with the text, who will be less confused when en- This content downloaded from Artifice and Virtue in the Xunzi. He was also extremely active in the political and academic circles of his day, and his teaching had a great influence on the initial institutional organization of a unified China under the first Qin emperor, an influence that continued though often unacknowledged through later centuries.


Nivison and the “Problem” in Xunzi’s Ethics. This section develops themes introduced earlier in the chapter in section 1. Coming at the end of the great flowering of philosophical inquiry knoboock Warring States China, when uxnzi foundations for traditional Chinese thought were laid, Xunzi occupies a place analogous to that of Aristotle knbolock the West.

Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works/ – John Knoblock – Google Books

His method does not generally incorporate philological scholarship based on early inscriptional ma- terials, but he does make some use of Han texts and editions archaeologically excavated in recent years.

Adam marked it as to-read Nov 15, This is the first of three volumes that will constitute the first complete translation of Xunzi into English.

Somewhat under half of this first volume is devoted to translation of the text itself.

Craig marked it as to-read Oct 22, Chinese Translation of Coca Cola: Luo Zhufeng hYJr et al. Knoblock’s primary concern is with accuracy rather than literary style. Since the Xunzi is a philosophical rather than a literary text, Knoblock’s precision is welcome, but upon occasion this makes for awkward prose.

This is the first of three volumes that will constitute the first complete translation of Xunzi into English. Loeb and David F.

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