Report of. The Expert Group on. A Viable and Sustainable System of. Pricing of Kirit S. Parikh. Chairman . pricing was also recommended by the Parikh Committee on Integrated Energy Policy (August. ) as one which. He also said that the government agreed to Report in principle implemented Kirit Parikh committee on time which reduced subsidy. Kirit Parikh Committee Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Kirit Parikh Committee Blogs, Comments and .

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A phased implementation is likely. I think whether you raise kerosene prices now or in a phased manner, or use LPG liquefied petroleum gas prices now or in a phased manner—to me, these are somewhat parimh issues.

Decision on Kirit Parikh committee report soon: Petroleum secy

OMCs should not be made to absorb the higher oil price: Mon, Apr 12 So it is critical for both the point s of view and of course investors are interested in the viability of the players in comittee sector. The summary of the recommendations made by the expert group in the report is reproduced below: The expert group recommends that OMCs be given the freedom to procure crude oil and petroleum products through a vommittee of long terms contracts and spot purchases from all available sources.

Why standard of education repirt Gujarat is deteriorating year after year 11 May, Top economists write to FM on delay in roll-out of maternity benefit programme 22 Dec, Government should have hiked gas prices: It has been months since you tabled your report on fuel pricing.


Hike in kerosene, LPG prices a step in conmittee direction: The other members of the expert group are Mr. The politicians obviously have the right and also the obligation to take decisions the way they think is in the best interest of the society.

India, which is one of the largest energy consuming countries, needs to ensure that the country maintains self-sufficiency in the refining sector in future. An initiative of The Economic Times.

Decision on Kirit Parikh committee report soon: Petroleum secy | india | Hindustan Times

He informed that in the 40 months of Modi government Dr. Parikh Report in principle but requested him to devise a complete roadmap factoring in technology disruptions and local factors “The price of oil reduced in the global market, and we applied the recommendation of Kirit Parikh committee simultaneously,” Pradhan added.

The investor community is clearly interested in are we going to open up the field to make it level-playing field for both public and the private sector and even level-playing field among the public sector entities because even that is not clear today whether it is a level-playing field among them. The pricing policies, therefore, should also be geared to ensure sufficient returns to the refineries in the country for long-term sustainability of the petroleum sector and to ensure energy security of the country.

The price of subsidized domestic LPG be raised by Rs. Kkirit the subsidy or the under-recoveries on petrol and diesel is a different issue and they can become very large when the world market prices go up.

Kirit Parikh committee suggests increase in prices of Diesel, Kerosene and LPG

Veerappa Moily in December Therefore, the best course of action is to free the market from price controls at the earliest. But of course there is a difference when you raise prices of diesel or there is a short-term and immediate inflation impact. What do you think is the reason your suggestions are not being put in practice? Parikh committee report implementation reduced subsidy burden: No, I understand that.


Are you disappointed it has not been implemented? After adjusting the upstream contribution, the balance amount of under-recovery on Diesel, PDS Kerosene and Subsidized Domestic LPG should be fully compensated to OMCs by providing cash subsidy from the Government budget until the prices are fully deregulated and subsidy on these products is eliminated.

Certainly one is disappointed. You might justify subsidizing kerosene Pradhan was speaking after inaugurating a stakeholder workshop on Petrol and Diesel Price rationalization in New Delhi. This can be accomplished without compromising transparency and accountability by working out mechanisms in consultation with the CVC.

Need for Robust refining sector in India.

Kirti group recommends that the Government should take steps to pass on the impact of rise in price of Diesel to consumers and move rapidly towards making the price of diesel market determined. Oracle Utilities Ranks No.

A committee set up by the government to look for ways to rationalise fuel prices has come up with its suggestions, some radical. Dharmendra Pradhan 9 Mar,

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