The Kepner Tregoe method (KT-method) is a problem analysis model in which the “problem” is disconnected from the “decision”. An English synonym for this. The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. It is sometimes called a root cause analysisand. K.T. Decision Analysis. 1. Write a concise decision statement about what it is we want to decide. – Use first four problem-solving steps to gather information. 2.

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Kepner Tregoe Method

Many of the old Total Quality Management tools are also useful for solving problems and making good management decisions. Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: I have used it all the time along my career as a manager of organizations, with extreme success.

Other ideas This is only one of the many decision making tools and techniques available for business type decisions. When it has become clear which tasks are to be prioritized action list preparations can be made for potential problems.

Rating the Adverse Consequences 10 Minutes Rate Each adverse Consequence — on the analysid it will occur — and the Seriousness if it does occur — then multiply Probability x Seriousness and sum. Built into it is the iepner to minimize some of these negative effects. When you use this matrix to guide your thinking when facing a particularly important decision, you will be able to frame the question at hand in a number of important ways. Cause and Effect Analysis.


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Kepner Tregoe |

No tool can guarantee that you will make the right decision every time — no one makes the right choice every time kenper but being familiar with tools such as this is a big step in the right direction. What do you think? You have entered an incorrect email address! Henry Mintzberg Organizational Configurations December 18, Did you find this article interesting?

Pros and cons This step-by-step, systematic approach makes it easy to do the Kepner Tregoe decision analysis. A list of the practical implications must be complied and for each item, identify the best way to prevent it occurring. Apart from the fact kepnfr the Kepner Tregoe Method leads to an explanation of problems, it also helps improve mutual understanding within an organization.

List adverse consequences for each top alternative and evaluate probability high, medium, low and severity high, medium, low. With a good idea of what exactly is going on, the other matter to deal with here is to sort out your priorities. Please enter your name here.

The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

As a tool for identifying problems, as a tool for taking better decisions. ITIL is the new way of thinking, treegoe it can be rather dry and robotic unless it is underpinned with good decision tools. The steps to success – with unmatched proof! You can have one or the other, not usually both.

Define the Wants — assign each want a rating of importance — give each alternative a rating of how well it satisfies each want — Multiply the importance x Satisfy ratings and sum 3. Once you have completed the deciskon steps in order to think about your choice from a variety of angles, you should have the confidence needed to make the right selection.


The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

So, please, I would appreciate to know what kind of system is being used now instead of an approach like K-T, to have provoked your comment about the existence of an alternative way of thinking.

Before rushing into action making your decision take hold throughout the organization, think about the various issues that may come up and how they will be dealt with. Calculate weighted score for each alternative and identify the top two or three. Rating the Adverse Consequences 10 Minutes Rate Each adverse Consequence — on the possibility it will occur — and the Seriousness if it does occur — then multiply Probability x Seriousness and sum 5.

It is important not to rush this first step — taking your time at this stage will likely save you time down the line. You are always going to be limited in business by a variety of factors, so making the best possible pick given the options at hand should be your goal. Decisions are a regular part of life, and a regular part of business. How to cite this article:

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