Alternate names Shrita Kamala Kucha, Srita Kamala kuca, Srita Kamalaa Kucha, Sritakamala, Shritakamala Context and meaning Lyrics. Telugu lyrics and translations for Srita Kamala Kucha Mandala () from Sri Jayadeva Ashtapadi (). Kamala kucha chuchuka kumkumatho is the famous venkateswara Stotram that can be recited daily to enhance your spiritual mood. It is one of the best and.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Oh Lord of Vrusha sailam! Victory to Thee, O Lord of Venkata hill, whose eyes are wide like lotus petals. You are the abode of kindness to those who submit themselves at your feet. The fierce waves of paapam have tossed me about far and wide and kept adiyEn away from You. Kamalx you, O Venkateshwara, I am an orphan. The sins committed by me are all simply due to sheer ignorance of mine; so kindly please pardon me, pardon me, O jewel of Sesha saila mountain.

Sri Venkateswara Stotram Lyrics in Telugu and English With Meaning

O Lord of Vrisha hill, shower mercy on me. Posted by Kapil Choudhari on April 18, at kuchaa Posted by meeraghu on February 23, at 8: I have been far away from your lotus-like feet and have now come with a wish to serve the feet.

After we grow up, whenever I remember those different songs with beautiful meaning in lucid Sanskrit I wanted to catch it up again and read the above posting.

However, if you see the several requests kuchq, most ask for lyrics in English. Aham doorathasthe padamboja yugma Pranamechaya gathya sevam karomi Sakruthsevaya nithyasevapalam thvam Prayachha prayachha prabho Venkatesha. You have been the lovely and virtuous son of Dasharatha, the only courageous and great archer of entire world, the chief of Raghukula, the pleasing and entertaining Lord.


In s my immediate elder sister Sarada used to learn the Ashtapadi with her friends from a scholar in our native place Kallidaikurichi, though we did not have the Sanskrit knowledge. Kamsla Thou befitting Your name as Hari extend to me Your immense dayA and protect mewho is guilty of committing limitless and unbearable sins without let.

Posted by amol nisal on February 1, at 6: These piles of flowers reach up toYour lygics and then spill over and form a flower bed around Trlugu feet. He is the valorous Onewho is like the Sun to the darkness of the unrighteous RaavaNan.

You are indeed the undisputed Supreme Lord. We will serve both of You with pure hearts.

Srita Kamala Kucha Mandala

January 8, at 5: You are indeed the integrated essence of all auspicious qualities. Once i lost Venkatesha Stotra since my mobile was stolen. Victory to Thee, O Lord of Venkata hill, whose eyes are wide like lotus petals.

Lotus like breasts of Lord are ever red with the colour of kumkum that is being sprinkled on his chest during daily worships, whereas his body is blue coloured. Posted by Satya Prakash on March 10, at 8: Adhi venkata saila mudara mather Janatha bimatha dhika danarathath Paradeva thaya gathi than teluvu Kamaladayithtan na param kalaye could be 4.

kamal As RaamachandrAthe crest jewel of Raghu Kulam ,You have the most beautiful face and bodycompassionate heart and are easily accessible. For the below Sloka: Now time to memorize and sing happily to LORD.


Lyrics for Sri Venkatesha Stotra | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

It would indeed be a gross exaggeration to compare the lotus flower to the benevolent attributes of Your holy feet. Extremely trembling on being committed various sins and hundreds of wrong deeds, I came running speedily to submit myself at your feet.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Your dedication is importantt han u r stotra is in english hindi or sanskrit. Posted by meghana desai on October 7, at Oh Lord with long eyes reaching almost to Your ears and reminding us ib the softeness and beauty of lotus flower!

Because of their association with Your divine feet, these flowers never lose their fragrance or fade. They are a delight to recite and reflect upon. English has a lot of scope of error especially when it means sanskrit. Agnanina maya doshaana seshan vihithan Hare Kshamasvathm kshamasvathvam Seshasailasikhamane. Posted by makarand on Te,ugu 31, at My EMail ID bhutrask yahoo. O Son of Vasudeva, none is equal to you. So, I never pray anyone else even for a while except you, O Rama.

I am not able t find the full lyrics of suprabhatam. You serve as the cool boon-granting PaarijAthA tree to thosewho surrender themselves at Your sacred feet.

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During Your incarnation as ThrivikramAYour feet measured the universes.

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