shrIkAmAkShIsuprabhAtam ||} jagadavana vidhau tvaM jAgarUkA bhavAni tava tu janani nidrAmAtmavatkalpayitvA | pratidivasamahaM tvAM bodhayAmi. Sri Kamakshi Suprabhatham MP3 song by M. S. Subbulakshmi, Radha Viswanathan Supported only on Saavn. From Carnatic music. Listen to M.S. Subbulakshmi Radio featuring songs from Sri Kamakshi Suprabhatam and other songs in praise of Sri Kamakshi free online. Listen to free internet.

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The drum and Mrudanga players are playing with wager, The vocal musicians are singing your praise, oh consort of Shiva kamalshi, And the time is waiting anxiously to see you, And so wake up from this divine sleep and make this morning good.

Kamakshi Suprabhatam

Oh goddess, who was saluted by my teacher Chandra Shekara, Due to his devotion to your feet, That great seer is standing, with a fruit and flower laden plate, To have a glimpse, of akmakshi, darling of the Ekamranatha [5]And so make my morning good. Oh mother Kamakshi, using your merciful look on me, Make this day a very good morning to me, May I get all good things, And let my bad times end. Log in Request account.

Any mother in this world does not, Get in to the grips of sleep for, With the desire of taking care of her baby, And you being the mother of all three worlds, Are always without sleep, So please make this morning good. The mother being examined by the lord who wears the moon, With her sense of modesty, hides her face from him, But the Sun God seeing your pretty face sends, A burnt offering as gift, and so please make this morning good.

Please hear, Oh Goddess the blaring sound of conches, And the sweet music sung by the minstrels of the street, Please hear, oh mother, the crowing of cocks, And other sounds of morning, and make this morning good.

Oh mother, see people holding flowers and fruits, See Others reading epics and See many others chanting Vedas near you, And make this morning good to your people. Oh Kamakshi, divine mother, with your merciful look, A dumb man became a great poet called Mooka the poet, So Oh mother, who is the consort of Lord ShivaOh merciful one, my salutations to the base of your feet.

Get up, the divine wife of him who destroyed three cities, Take bath, Oh Goddess Girija, in the divine rivers of heaven, Enjoy the pleasure in the invaluable incenses Oh divine goddess, who drips mercy, Please get up from your sleep and make this morning good.

For protecting the world, you are always on your akmakshi, BhavaniAnd you, mother do sleep more by imagination, And daily I am waking you up in the morning, And please pardon me for this error that I commit. Oh darling of EkamranathaWho is in Kama Peeta, For worshipping you the great teacher Shankara, Presented you with the lineage of Shankaracharyas, And we are standing to see you, Please make our morning good.


Victory to Jayendra who is the foremost of teachers, Who is the chief of the Mutt of Lord ShivaAnd because of sulrabhatam teacher with great qualities, Success and pleasant things will happen.

Shree Kamakshi Suprabhatam by | Kamakshi Suprabhatam – video dailymotion

It is a song to wake up, Kamakshi-the mother goddess of Kanchi. Hey mother drinking the suprabhatm from your breast, The baby from Dravida country suprabhatak the wise Jnana Sambanda moorthy, Oh mother Bhavaniif you give me, the son of Dravida country, The remaining milk, It would be a great morning for me.

Saraswathi has brought the book, Lakshmi the lotus flower, Oh daughter of mountain, Rambha is waiting with your dress, Ganga devi is waiting with water, Oh daughter of mountain, Kali along with others is dancing to the tune of two drums to give you pleasure, Neela devi is waiting with a mirror, so that you would make our morning good.

Oh mother full of love, you are like the wish giving tree, And I do not have any other to resort to and am, Waiting like the Chataka bird for plentiful rain, And suprabhhatam shower your golden nectar like rain of mercy, So that I am speedily made competent.

Oh mother, who is in the left side of Lord KamakxhiWho has a face like the full moon, Who has eyes similar to the blue lotus, Who has a body that is black like a cloud, Who has a smile similar to lotus flower, Who has tightly packed breasts, Who has red lips like ripened bimba fruits, Who has eyes showering love, Who grants only love, Who has fully erect breasts, And who is wearing the best of ornaments, I am saluting you in this good suprahbatam, And please make this morning good.

Mother your holy feet kept on the lotus flower. Please hear the sound of kamakshii ablations of the morn, The sound of Mrudanga, the big drum and the war drum, And the sound of Vedas recited by learned Brahmins, And Oh Goddess and make this morning good.

Kamakshi Suprabhatam – StotraSamhita

Oh blessed goddess, if this is read with devotion, By devotees,then it would make their mornings good, And to those who hear it with concentrated mind, Their mornings would become good mornings. Retrieved kamqkshi ” http: Salutations to the darling of the three eyed, Salutations to the beauty of three cities, Salutations to the leader of the three worlds, A very good morning to you, mother.

Even when the pollen of the lotus is waiting on you, If you choose to go to the toungue of this slow witted one, And even when you are perennially resplendent, if you choose to light my heart, It is due to the salutations that I give to my teacher Chandrashekara [1]. May the Kamakshi, who gives all that is good, show me the good path, May that Goddess who is in the Kamakoti Mata, show me the good path, May the good teacher Jayendra show good path to his disciple, Let everything be good and let everything happen good.


Sri Kamakshi Suprabhatham

Looking at your pretty form for a long time, Which would humble even the pride of the God of love, The God who killed the God of love, Kissed the pair of your pretty cheeks, And we are standing to see you, so make this morning good.

Oh giver of boons, With the pot on their head and so make this morning good. And which are having supranhatam of lotus, wheel and conch, Is seen by sages as a fulfilling king swan in their mind, And Kamaakshi am standing near your gate, oh giver of boons, And so make this morning great. Seeing the very pretty face of yours, Some stand near the door singing your good qualities, And saluting the pair of your feet, And so make their morning good.

Kamakhsi mother wearing girdle over your rounded hips, Hey mother kanakshi applies sandal paste of Kashmir on your neck, And whose cheek and generous nose were kissed by Lord ShivaWe are standing to see you and so, please make this morning good.

Those great sages who have taken bath in the holy water of Ganges, Have filled the water of Ganges in very many pots, And are, with great desire waiting near your gate. Wake up and wake up, oh boon giver, Wake up, oh goddess of the world, Wake up, oh foundation of the world, And make all the three worlds pleasant. Oh mother, your son, because of the power, Of the milk that he drank from you, Taught the special meaning of Pranava, In the suprabhatzm of your husband in spite of being a baby, And so if you show your mercy, it would be a god morning to me.

Lord Shiva is wearing the directions, as cloth, He is holding the skull of BrahmaHe is adorned with scattered flying hair And has tied a snake on his neck, But in spite of all that, Oh mother, in your holy company, He becomes the suprabhataam Lord of the world, So please make this morning good. Unlike other such songs, it does not wish a good morning to the mother but requests her to wake up and make the morning good to all of us.

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