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Abyat e Bahoo — Saa Saa Ishq dee zaat maneende naaheen, Saangaan jhall tapeene hoo. After traveling some distance they stopped to rest for the night.

You have spent a kakam reading scriptures And soncumed yourself in this pursuit of ignorance.

Khoon jigar daa kadh karaahaan, Wuzoo paakh sezeeose hoo. Not only are they mutually antagonistic, They are also wedded to the same individual.

Kalam e Bahoo – Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) – Iqbal Bahoo – video dailymotion

Baho heart burns, filled with grief And with the pain of separation. They carve out the flesh of their hearts And roast it on this fire. Were I to bare the wounds of my heart, The sight would torment the hearts of others! Through great good fortunes you will have his vision- If the Lord pulls the strings of destiny in your favor.

If you anchor your hopes in your true Home, You will never be driven from house to house. It is quite interesting to note that bahop summarized all his teachings present in his Persian books in Abyat. They offer their souls to the Beloved while still living And thus immortalize themselves In this life and the hereafter.


I shall bear the blows of destiny as I pursue him, While I am ferried across to him ialam the boat of his love. Na main jogee na main jangam, Na main chillaa kamaaiaa hoo.

Na main bhajj maseetee varhiaa, Na tasbaa kharhkaaiaa hoo.

Kalam e Bahoo – Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) – Iqbal Bahoo

The soul is a merchant, the ego is a highwayman Who robs her on her way to God. Aashiq parhn namaaz piram dee, Jain wich harf na koee hoo.

Rubies, baahoo the present case, signifies Kalma within the ragged bundle of the body — — — — Gia eemaan ishqe de paaron, Ho ke kaafir rahee-e hoo.

As for me, my Master initiated me into the Kalma. Katt qalam noon maar na haanen, Kaatib naam dharaaiaa hoo. Naam faqeer tisse daa Baahoo, Ghar wich yaar vikhaale hoo. Ishq dee gall avallee jehrhaa, Sharaa theen door bxhoo hoo. Jaan torhee eh nafs na maaren, Taan eh waqt kharhendaa hoo.

Ever since the Lord ordained the Creation, I have been pledged to return to my original home. Fidaa faanee tinhaan noon haasil, Jo wassan laamkaanee hoo. Ghat zunaaur kufar kapam gal wich, Buttkhaane wich bahee-e hoo.


Wich namaaz raku sajoode, Raihande sanjh sabaaheen hoo. As Alexander sought the water of life in the world, So lovers relentlessly search for this nectar within.

Is noon Ism-al-Aazam aakhan, Eho sirr Ilaahee hoo. When I look within, I see him in my heart. This dark spot also symbolizes nuqta-i-suvaida, the eye of the heart, the third eye.

Meanwhile, the other two conspired to kill the man who had gone to get food and to divide the brick in two equal parts. Sai variaan dee kare ibaadat, Allaah theen begaanaa hoo.

Kalmaa meraa parhe janaazaa, Kalme gor suhaaee hoo. Main keeh jaanaan zaat ishq, jo Dar dar chaa jhukaave hoo. Maaran tubbeeaan kaddhan motee, Aapo-apnee vaaree hoo. The fragile boat of intellect and reason Has little chance.

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