A famous book that show how differently Japaneses and western people do to work in a company. But I think now most of the company in the. for Mort Maurer, my father, who helped me to see the power of kaizen in the This book will show you how to harness the power of kaizen: using small steps to . Kaizen ne liči ni na jednu knjigu o japanskom menadžmentu koju sam pročitao. Iznad svega je praktična. Čudesna knjiga! Tomas R. Horton Izvršni direktor.

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Actively researching and developing several research areas related to applied information technologies. Since the beginning of She obtained PhD in female entrepreneurship in The fact that so many organizations fail in implementations of world-class methods suggests that many of the successes are based upon happenstance or luck.

During his studies, he worked as a senior product manager of an international insurance company where he was responsible for travel insurance development. U koautorstvu je objavila zbirke za matematiku za ekonomiste. Currently focus her research attention on application of business models philosophy in the field of strategic management.

Urednik je i recenzent nekoliko knjiga i enciklopedija.


He also has an experience of collaboration with real businesses and start-ups as an analyst in Russian managing company. His field of interest contains family business development, management of start-up companies and methodology of management research.

Possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. Diplomirala na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Subotici His research focuses on competencies and motivation factors of purchasing professionals.

Gemba kaizen : zdravorazumski pristup strategiji kontinuiranog poboljšanja

Teaches “Economics and management of forestry”, “Forest management and human resources”, “Investment Management”, “International economic and foreign relations”, “Innovation Management”. Magistrirala je na Pravnom fakultetu SPU He also works as marketing manager in one of the sport centers on Slovakia which provides outdoor services.

The last election to the title of full professor has been carried out in in the economic theory, economic development and business. Apsolvent je Ekonomskog fakulteta u Rijeci.

He is phd student at the Faculty of Business at the University major in Economic Sciences, part-time lecturer at the Department of Economics and Head of finance at the company Italo – Albanian. She works as a lecturer of business and management at the Faculty of Business, Aleksander Moisiu University in Albania.

D in economics at the University of Kaizej.


She is an associate professor since She works as assistant professor at the Department of trading business. Since she works for an international company as a brand manager. Reviewer and editorial board member of several international journals.


She teaches several courses: Currently focus research attention on leadership development in Czech companies. Conducted lectures and presentations at a number of universities and international conferences, including meetings, seminars and workshops in the Central Asia, USA and Serbia.

The research interests are kaizn the fields of: She has also a strong academic background, as she is employed as researcher in Science and Technology Policy Research Center in Mihajlo Pupin Institute. Znatan dio radnog vijeka proveo je na radu u privredi. She graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, in Doktorsku disertaciju sa temom: She was very active kaizej student activation and was student representative at doctoral studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality; guest speaker at the seminar: Also she is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Science and Education:

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