Atom, Archetype, and the Invention of Synchronicity: How Iconic Psychiatrist Carl Jung and Nobel-Winning Physicist Wolfgang Pauli Bridged. Jung’s is on synchronicity – nothing unexpected there. But Pauli’s was a real eye opener. He wrote on Johannes Kepler and explored how his. Mark Vernon: With physicist Wolfgang Pauli, Jung explored the link between the disparate realities of matter and mind.

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However, both agreed that evidence won’t resolve the difference because meaningful coincidences can’t be studied statistically.

Synchronicity: the encounter between the psychoanalyst Jung and the physicist Pauli

Pauli had already done work foundational for the new field of quantum mechanics, developed the Exclusion Principle for which he would be awarded the Nobel Prize inbecome the youngest person ever to hold the Chair of Theoretical Physics at Zurich, and postulated the existence of the neutrino which was not demonstrated experimentally until by the time of this meeting.

Instead, synchronicity represents a real phenomenon, non-local. From the viewpoint of the natural sciences, one might be tempted to speak of relationships between psyche and matter, across the Cartesiam cut between jugn two. In this session, his patient was in the midst of relating an intense dream she had had in which someone gave her a piece of gold jewelry in synchronicjty shape of a scarab beetle. On the positive side, the collaboration between these two men illustrates the power of a non-reductive approach to scientific exploration.

Princeton University Press, Journal of Analytical Psychology50, — Alluding to the statement of Einstein about an alleged incompleteness of quantum mechanics, Pauli concluded: During five months of analysis with Rosenbaum, Pauli recorded hundreds of dreams.


Her excellent education had provided her with a weapon ideally suited to this purpose, namely a highly polished Cartesian rationalism with an impeccably “geometrical” idea of reality. Synchronistic events are erratic, sporadic and arbitrary because they are dependent on an archetypal situation enabled in the observer.

Together with stern strokes of fate —suicide of his mother, — divorce from his synchrnicity wifeit was basically his excessively rational attitude which brought junv into serious inner conflicts which pajli could synchrinicity master intellectually.

According to Jung and Pauli, the phenomenon of synchronicity brought physics and psychology closer, showing a deep connection between the various events of the world, not tied to a direct causal-mechanical action.

Commons Wikiquote Wikisource texts. Journal for Jungian Studies.

synchdonicity Jung and Pauli were convinced that synchronistic events reveal an underlying unity of mind and matter, subjective and objective realities. Part of a series on the.

Since synchronistic phenomena are not necessarily simultaneous, synchronicity is a somewhat misleading term. Quoted in Henry p. Loading comments… Trouble loading? A famous example of this is the fact that human face recognition is so robust, and based on such a basic archetype essentially two dots and a line contained in a circlethat human beings are very prone to sybchronicity faces in random data all through their environment, like the “man in the moon”, or faces in wood grain, an example of the visual form of apophenia known as pareidolia.

Heisenberg, Physics and Beyond. Views Read Edit View history. This is what Pauli wrote to Jung in Indeed, Jung’s writings in this area form an excellent general introduction to the whole field of the paranormal. Physics Carl Jung comment. Jung and Pauli’s common reflections went far beyond psychology and physics, entering into the realm where the two areas meet in the philosophy of nature. Pauli — Letter to Jung of 27 may — in: He looked just like a lost friend and, further, the daring approach was just the kind of thing her friend would have done.


Who ever studies this mature and grandly composed word would not believe that the author is a man of twenty-one.

Events connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of causality, which does not generally contradict the Axiom of Causality. One does not know what to admire moste: A Case Study in Transdisciplinarity.

General aspects of the Jung-Pauli dialogue Readers synchrpnicity C. They are undoubtedly meaningful and produce tangible effects too, like short stories. Well, I was sitting opposite her one day, with my back to the window, listening to her flow of rhetoric.

In agreement with this, the concept of the case referred to seemingly random events could also be synchronicihy in terms of meaningful correspondences.

Synchronicity – Wikipedia

Jung Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal, p. The other half is the revealing of the archetypal basis of the terms actually applied in modern physics. The goal of this study was to explore the role of ssynchronicity in the development of science.

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