The a4j:mediaOutput component allows images, video, sounds, and other binary resources to be displayed as defined by a user on the fly. The createContent. Hi All, I am using a4j:mediaoutput to render pdf but it ir throwing error [b]”File does not begin with ‘%PDF-‘”.[/b] Please find below the c. ? c=mediaOutput”>On the component LiveDemo page you can see the.

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The “cacheable” defines whether the response will be cached or not.

A reverse link from the anchor specified by this hyperlink to the current document. Because it is serialized in URL, the length is too big and it does not work. Authors should consider the input method of the expected reader when specifying an accesskey. All values are lengths. It is a reference to the steam that should be used for output. All values are separated by commas title Advisory title information about markup elements generated for this component shape default rect circle poly [CI] This attribute specifies the shape of a region.

Mediaoutpur value of this attribute is a space-separated list of link types. User agents should mediaooutput leading zeros archive space-separated list of URIs converter converter lang Code describing the language used in the generated markup for this component createContent Method call expression to send generated resource to OutputStream. This mediauotput launch the RichFaces Jira page – to complete your feedback please login if needed, and submit the Jira.

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Coordinates are relative to the top left corner of an object. Base language of a resource specified with the href attribute; hreflang may only be used with href. The client-side script method to be called when the element loses the focus either when pointing a device or tabbing navigation.


To use the component it’s necessary to define it on a page and set Java methods for data keeping and data transmission to output stream.

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Object deserialized value of data attribute onmouseout HTML: This can be done with the help of “element” attribute, which possible values are imgobjectappletscriptlink or a.

If someone will have the same problem in the future, here is the solution: Component identification parameters Name Value component-type org. This value must be a number between 0 and It may be used with the same elements as onfocus. The default value for this attribute depends on the user agent. Attribute references to the method that will be used for content creating. This parameter contains deserialized object with data specified in the “value” attribute.

Now let’s create the MediaBean class and specify there a primitive random-number generator and paint method that will convert the generated numbers into an output stream and give a JPEG image as a result.

Object type contains deserialized object with data specified in the “value” attribute. Specifies the entire region.

As You see from the example above, first it is necessary to specify the kind of media data You want to generate. I’m not sure if I understand the documentation in the right way and I’m not able to find any problem with this code.

This attribute specifies the position of the current element in the tabbing order for the current document. This attribute specifies the position and shape on the screen.


jsf – Ошибка при попытке использовать a4j: mediaOutput на JBoss EAP – Qaru

The second parameter is a reference to the component’s “value” attribute and has java. Hence, when using the component it’s possible to output your data of any type on a page with Ajax requests. The value of this attribute is a space-separated list of link types onmouseup HTML: Coordinates are relative to the top, left corner of the object.

By assigning a name to a frame via the name attribute, authors can refer to it as the “target” of links defined by other elements. The Paint method of the paintBean class is a method transmitting graphical data into output stream. The possible values are “default”, “rect”, “circle” and “poly”. MethodExpression signature must match void createContent java. Creating on a page. By assigning a name to a frame via the name attribute, authors can refer to it as the “target” of links defined by other elements.

This attribute assigns an access key to an element. ValueExpression must evaluate to java.

It is used to define the corresponded type in the header of an HTTP response. An access key is a single character from the document character set. The number and order of values depends on the shape being defined. The default value is meciaoutput specified, but is generally a small, non-zero length onfocus JavaScript code.

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