Karl Marx has ratings and 69 reviews. William2 said: Excellent biography. Herr Marx was a nasty motherfucker. If you did not agree with him, he vilif. In this magisterial biography of Karl Marx, “likely to be definitive for many years to come” (John Gray, New York Review of Books), historian Jonathan Sperber. This is not a book about how Karl Marx changed the world. It is not about the revolutions and crimes committed in his name in the 20th century.

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The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror. Are you pro or con?

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I am not a Marx scholar by any means.

: Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life (): Jonathan Sperber: Books

I end by returning to the marked similarities in Marx and Benjamin’s life histories. Quite the opposite, were I were to start my career over again I would do the same, only I would not marry.

And that means understanding how his ideas were formed and fit into the 19th Century times in which he lived. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Engels, was supposedly the jerk in social real life. I quickly got lost in who was attacking who for what reason etc. He perfectly combines the three essential aspects of his life: Personally I also benefited from Sperber’s ability to offer potted accounts of what Hegelian actually means, and liked too his account of the ways in which Marx lived up to expectations of a bourgeois gentleman even down to the occasional challenge to a duel flung in the face of publishers who got on his wrong side.

Norton,ISBN: The next two chapters are less successful.

Such are the personal and intellectual complexities that Jonathan Sperber pursues through pages of tightly argued text in this profoundly important biography of “The Moor”. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. It humanizes Marx and places his life and his ideas in his historical context. Marx seriously considered returning there in So given that the revolutions in Russia and China resulted in deaths of between 75 to million people in those two countries, I decided to learn more about what Marx actually preached.


I was curious both to get a better understanding of Marx’s ideas as opposed to Marxism and also to use his biography to get a better idea of what living in the nineteenth century was like. In his Cologne speech he reached out once again to liberals, reassuring them that revolution could occur without violent class warfare.

As it was, three of their seven children died. The point at which Boehm-Bawerk struck at Marx was his analysis of the transformation problem, the way that commodities, whose value was derived from the socially necessary labor time needed for their production and reproduction, came to be sold at market prices Don’t have a Kindle?

But Sperber opens his work with a series of bold, unsupported assertions: State Capitalism In China. This means that almost everything Marx ever wrote, including mundane notes, is now available to the reader. But the failings of Sperber’s approach are also apparent.

Karl Marx: a Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber – review | Books | The Guardian

The biography talks about this deep intellectual who spent his life and days reading the news, economics and abstruse philosophy–while the Manifesto is short, pithy, punchy and very easy to read. Sperber doe Interesting for what is says on the cover – a biography. Modify Your Dissent Issue Even more than 20 years after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the end of the Cold War, the association of Marx with the Soviet experience remains strong.


Perhaps it would be too much to ask, but I’d like this book to have had a bit more of the former while retaining the latter.

Karl Marx: a Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber – review

Topics Books Book of the week. Of course, Marx is a partisan for modernity in this context.

In much contemporary discussion of him, whether it be in academia or popular journalism, the tendency is for Marx to become unmoored from his own times, leaving us free to project on to him our own prejudices and controversies as if he were our contemporary. Such are the premises underlying this biography p. Economic Theory—The Death of Capitalism: Alive in the Sunshine Issue In the rest of the world, where capitalism is exhibiting exactly the same kind of energies it did in earlyth-century Britain, spedber relevance of Marx’s critique retains its potency.

Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life, by Jonathan Sperber, review

Karl Marx is his eighth book. Far from opposing the mainstream political economy of his day, the ideas of Smith, Ricardo, and their followers, Marx had embraced it and promoted his own work as the most advanced and correct version of their approach. His criticisms generally centered on the extent to which political economists were unwilling to develop the ultimate consequences of their ideas. This major biography fundamentally reshapes our understanding of a towering historical figure.

Should they jobathan it back to the Catholic Church?

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