Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay On Killing by Dave Grossman What It is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes Military Neuropsychology by Carrie H. Dive deep into Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam and Odysseus in. America. Richard Blucher, Department of International Studies, The Norwegian Military Academy, PO Box.

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Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character by Jonathan Shay

However, the job of an army is to defeat the enemy: Why did the captain who replaced the admired commander not know these things? Most of the time vientam. Apr 07, Elizabeth Arnold rated it liked it. Wikiquote has quotations related to: In recent wars, this serves to hide, from the bits that leak out, many of the same misguided leadership decisions monathan atrocities that Shay discusses with his Vietnam veterans and so outraged the American public. In this moving, dazzlingly creative book, Dr.

This book was great to read along with the Iliad, brings you to a new place in classic literature. It was about ten o’clock at night. There was a bay there The lieutenants got medals, and I jonsthan the colonel got his fucking medal.

Jonathan Shay – Wikipedia

None seemed ni do me much good from my point of view, simply because they did not understand what they were dealing with nor how to treat the veterans concerned. Indeed, the fact that he does not go into philological detail makes his book much more accessible not only to the general public but to the undergraduate student.


Books by Jonathan Shay. The definitive work on Vietnam era post traumatic stress. Democratic political activity presupposes that the future exists and that it is meaningful. He declares that the day it happened, Christmas Eve, should be stricken from the calendar. This book should be mandated reading for anyone involved with veterans who suffer in this way. Under the conditions peculiar to the war in Vietnam, major units seldom had more than one of their subordinate syay engage the enemy at any one time Above all, a sense of merely human virtue, a sense of being valued and of valuing bietnam, seems to have fled their lives.

This was a constant thing, they kept changing the spring, the buffer. As long as war persists, the literature of a culture which persisted and even viietnam in spite of its suffering in constant warfare will remain important to us for our self-understanding and possibly even our survival.

We have become so accustomed to this that it easily escapes notice. Some of these are embodied in formal jomathan, defined authority, written orders, ranks, incentives, punishments, and formal task and occupational definitions. When this happens in a combat theater, as it frequently did in Vietnam, the results are catastrophic.

He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There were times when we’d rather use their weapons than our own.

I shall describe some of the many violations of what American soldiers understood to be right by holders of responsibility and trust. So, I mean, that’s okay then, right? There was just one acbilles fucking thing after another. Give me your hand. And the fucking firepower was unreal, the firepower that we put into them boats.


Achilles in Vietnam

Although the Iliad was written twenty-seven centuries ago it has much to teach about combat traumaas do the more recent, compelling voices achillfs experiences of Vietnam vets. Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming.

A town with walls I stormed and sacked for her. If you’ve read a little bit, you can put it down and not care about the rest. At the time of the deaths, victory has not yet been achieved, so the corpses’ meaning hovers in the void until the lethal contest has been decided. And then he proceeds to use only a Christian interpretation of good and evil, so my appreciation is muted. American society at large reacted to returning Vietnam veterans with such a massive lack of understanding that many of them were unable to return to anything like a normal life or to recover from what they suffered.

Officers, the only soldiers we meet in the Iliad, went into danger in quest of “honor. It’s written at an accessible level.

It was better to fight Communism there in Vietnam than in your own back yard. Achilles in Vietnam Trade Paperback

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