TP05GMP CLONEABLE GENERAL MOTORS JMA TRANSPONDER KEY BLANK (B97PT5 CLONEABLE). Our Price: $ BUY 5 AND SAVE 7%!. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders (Link to what a transponder is) into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. JMA has a. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Our authority in this.

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In recent times, automobile manufacturers use more complicated Encrypted Transponder Systems. Tool-holder with quick tool-change system.

Operates at these frequencies: By introducing the Transponder 1 within the field, it creates a tension witch feeds the micro and the internal circuits of the transponder. General Video Descargas Image zoom Avantcode is the most advanced JMA electronic machine with the latest technology for duplicating single or double sided cylinder and vehicle keys. Over the last few years nma manufacturers have begun to change the transponder on some models for electronic circuits which simulate the transponders.

JMA Products – JMA Uk.

Mja incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders Link to what a transponder is into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. There is no any flash burr on the cover, the surface is very flat and nice. Its robust design, the new technologies incorporated and the latest generation materials used, make it a durable key cutting machine that will always maintain its key cutting precision. Tracer for Xcode machine for F12B cutter F All activating and stop button are easily accessible.

These keys are bulk packed in 50 count boxes and high trahsponder numbers are also available in count packs.

JMA Products

This remote control is capable of a face to face mode, which automatically clones frequency and codes. It incorporates an LED lighting system and switches itself off when it has not been used for some time. Programmable Transpondershave a code or value previously configured at the factory. You can obtain more information about the cookies of this website by clicking here. Spring-aided system for wave keys.



This new technology applied to copying equipment and keys themselves differentiates it from the rest, as JMA does not use batteries, external circuits or additional components that modify the standard configuration of the keys. Every time there is an attempt to start the vehicle, the Transponder embedded in the head of the key will reply with the same code. Clamp for Ojmar laser keys for Xcode machine M4. The TRS will read the information written on the original key and then write that information on the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key.

Tilting clamp with new insert system, making them easier to change and much simpler to adjust. PC software, allows for database creation and easy automatic updates. General Image zoom Our JMA Line of keys includes an ever growing number of residential, commercial and automotive key blanks. These keys allow you to recover the chips from miss cut or old worn out keys and place them in our chipless keys.

Spring movement system indicator. JMA uses advanced materials and systems in its manufacturing processes to guarantee the dimensional features and durability of these forged keys. General Adapters Clamps Cutters and Tracers Versions Descargas Image zoom Electronically controlled key cutting machine for cutting security, car and special keys by code.

Stand-alone or PC assisted operation delivers maximum cutting flexibility. Semi-automatic key-cutting machine for single- and double-bladed bit keys, pump keys and special keys.

Internationalization fransponder been basic for JMA’s success.

Are those transponders that on each occasion are “interrogated” by the security system immobilizer of the vehicle and respond with a different code that evolves based on an evolution algorithm? The 2 sided jaws, lateral movement lever, start micro switch and brush make it a very complete duplicating machine.

General Image zoom Organize and display your keys in this 50 hook key rack. Traneponder Transpondershave a code transpondsr value previously configured at the factory. It is a new generation machine, with many innovations in its system: Innovative technologies and latest generation materials make this copying machine resistant and precise. Robust, but with clean lines and ergonomic usage. If you continue navigating, we consider you accept their usage.


The tracer rransponder shaft is equipped with a spring system for smoother machining. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Transoonder Image zoom For decades, JMA has worked hand in hand with original automotive and cylinder lock manufacturers from around the globe supplying them with high quality key blanks for their products.

Transponder reading process The process of reading a transponder follows the following sequence: High end car manufacturers started using Rolling Code Systems. In these systems, the vehicle detects the presence of the Transponder within close range and automatically unlocks the vehicle and trannsponder for push button entry without the use of a mechanical key.

The front of the key has been left with no markings and the back of the key only has the reference number stamped on it. In the specific case of automobiles, the transponder is the device used for identification or acceptance of a key trabsponderwhich is fed directly from the antenna that is the starter motor 3and which sends its code to the Immobilizer 2.

jma transponder key

General Image zoom In automotive applications, there are 2 types of Transponders. Please take action to contact us, you will definately have a marvelous buying experience.

This allows for a more precise cut in double sided vehicle keys through the serrations in hma different sides of the vice, which eliminates the use of bars for support on the rear side.

Avantcode is the most advanced JMA electronic machine with the latest technology transponeer duplicating single or double sided cylinder and vehicle keys. Copy 4 original remotes into one JMA remote. Includes 1 tracer P1 and 1 cutter F1. If the transmitted code matches the one stored in the Immobilizer 5the car will start.

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