This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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The Evil of Evils, or the Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Be not troubled, or terrified: First, There is no good of Entity or Being; all things that have a Being, there is some good in them; for God hath a Being, and every thing that hath a being hath some good in it, because it is of God; but Sin is a Non Entity, a no being: Is it not a wrong to any King, yea, to your selves though mean, for those that are your inferiors to do that before your face that you hate above all things in the world? First, Affliction hath some good in it, but sin hath none: You that have been swearers and wronged God that way, now sanctifie Gods Name the other way: THirdly, That which follows hence, That Sin is so much against God as hath been shewed, We see that there are but very few that are humbled for sin aright: Holiness is the brightness of of Gods glory, and in the waies of Sin thou castest dirt upon the face of Holiness it self: Fifthly, A gracious heart may desire of God that he would not take away Affliction till it be sanctified, and that he would continue it till it be sanctified; but no man may or ought to pray thus, Lord, continue me in this sin till I am humbled: Further, There is a Blessing propounded to Afflictions, Blessed be those that mourn, and blessed be the man whom thou Chastisest and teachest in thy Law; but there is no blessing allowed to Sin, it is not capable of it: Many put up papers complaining of the hardness of their hearts, and desire the Minister and Congregation to seek God to break their hearts: Now this humiliation doth especially lift up the Name of God, and sanctifie the Name of God.

Better be under the greatest Affliction then be under the guilt or power of any Sin: I beseech you in your thoughts put these two Scriptures together, these that go up and down in sheep skins and goat skins, are such that the World is not worthy of; and Antiochus the gloriousest King in the World, in Gods Judgment is a vile Person.


But this may be to the admiration of Men and Angels, to see how men and womens hearts are set upon sin, that notwithstanding al that anguish and horror, that they have many times for it, yet they will to it again, and that as greedily as ever; yea, and somtimes more greedily: The greatest good the Jersmiah is capable of, Affliction is made oftentimes the instrument to convey: Fourthly, All the good that God himself can bring from sin, can never make sin good: As with David in the Return to Book Page.

First, The several Expressions the jeremuah Ghost useth in the several Evangelists for the setting out of those dreadful things Christ suffered as a fruit of Gods displeasure upon him. Men be mightie tender of Power and Sovereigntie; sure if they be so, God may much more be tender of his, which is as the apple of his eye. As now, that attributed to the Father, is the work of Creation: If there be nothing so opposite to God as Sin; and if but the least drop of sin should get into God, it would make God cease to be God; and if he should be but the cause of any sin in his Creature he would cease to be God; and if he should but like it in his Creature, he would cease to be God; and if he should but hate it less then he doth, he could not be God: But now for the present I beleeve this is a necessary point for you to know; and this is that though some may perhaps rise against it that thousand thousands wil have rvil to bless God for to all eternity when it is preached home upon their Consciences by the Spirit of the Lord which convinceth of the sinfulness of sin.

Though God doth bring men into such straits that of necessity they must chuse one affliction, either this or that affliction: Certainly therefore Christ suffered other manner of things than they did.

John Waldrip rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Sin is never sanctified by God to do good to any Soul: Such evil there is in Sin. How sin wrong God: The Evil of Evils: Nothing directly contrary to Jersmiah but sin: Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the least sin, than there is in the greatest affliction.

The Exceedingly Sinfulness of Sin

Will include dust jacket if it originally came with one. Take this along with you, If you have anie relation to God, your hearts will be more troubled for the wrong done to God by your Children and Servants, than when your selves are wronged by your Servants or Children.

It is the setting of the Will of a base wretched Creature, against the will of the infinite, eternal, glorious God. Certainly Sin is a striking of God. Books by Jeremiah Burroughs.


Indeed there is no Attribute more wronged by Sinners ordinarily than the Mercy of God keremiah. I say, take them in the strength and latitude of them, certainly there was never any Affliction since the world began endured like Christs, and yet thd be no other than Christ, God and Man, is capable of; and it may stand with the blessedness of his Divinity, That that person, both God and Man, could be under such Afflictions: Well, evkl conclude, Though the things be hard, and sad to think on, God knows I treat in tender bowels and compassion to you: So though there be more venom in some gross, crying sins, than in some others; yet there is no sin but hath the same sap, and the same venom, for the kind, that every sin hath, that the worst sin hath.

Jeremiah Burroughs | Digital Puritan Press

See one famous example for this parallel to this on the other side, in the Prophesie of Daniel, Sin is most opposite to God and is also most opposite to man’s well-being. That is wronged especiallie: Who knows the power of thy wrath? Christ was content with these, He made his Soul an offering for Sin: What can be said be more of affliction?

James Hackworth rated it really liked it Dec 14, I am He whom thou persecutest. But yet to give it you a little more fully, see these Aggravations, and you will say, certainly the displeasure of God oc great against his Son.

Brad Flood rated it really liked it Feb 12, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Now there is no Creature can break the order God eivls made but Men and Angels, none but those Creatures that are capable of Sin.

That then is that I must make good. Oh it is that, if any thing in the world, that would break a Parents heart, if there be a yong Child, a Youth, or a Maid, that God begins to reveal himself unto them, and the Parent speaks, may be burrouvhs them, and Gods people, and swear, or profane Gods Day, or speak egil his Ordinances, though it may be it do not become thee to speak to them; but if thou canst before them, let tears drop from thine eyes; or get alone, and fall down and lament before God, if oof canst by lamenting reprove their sins; that they shall see thee lament for them, this may break their hearts it may be: Trivia About The Evil of Evils By Sin the Soul doth rise against God.

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