The Gulf War Did Not Take Place has ratings and 28 reviews. Spoust1 said: Three essays: The Gulf War Will Not Take Place, The Gulf War Is Not Taki. In a provocative analysis written during the unfolding drama of , Baudrillard draws on his concepts of simulation and the hyperreal to argue that the Gulf. The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. by Jean Baudrillard Trans. by Paul Patton. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 87 pp. $ Reviewed by Daniel .

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Jean Baudillard thought that Operation Desert Storm should not be considered a war. Rather, despite containing the material features of one, it was at once real, and a simulation. He saw a complete break in the reality of the conflict as it was actually taking place, and the narrative power of its media presence. His analysis remains timely.


For instance, cable news documentaries were released almost immediately that touted the heroism of American military might. Utilising techniques that were perfected in Grenada, Panama, and the Falkland Islands, war was being treated on purely symbolic terms.

The purpose was to rehabilitate the image of the United States military machine, particularly domestically. Baudillard understood this as an expression of international capitalism. The French philosopher made clear that war baidrillard become abstract, electronic, and informational, in a manner that paralleled the nature of finance capital. Desert Storm was about how people were entertained by the war, not the fact that it had illogical strategic objectives, or that many Allied soldiers never actually saw the Iraqis that they were supposedly fighting.

That spectacle ended up setting the tone for American regional dominance. Saddam was baudrollard to global audiences as something vulgar, to be destroyed by military action.

The Paris attacks did not take place

It also ensured that Westerners would express similar hesitation. Here we can begin to discuss the War on Terror.


The violence of the War on Terror rests on the presumption that these groups are timeless horrors, beyond the scope of rationality, and with it, the ability to be considered human. Militants are subjected to violence as a result of their being a chaotic projection of what societies want to repress, namely, the uncertainties of a globalised era.

That opens the question of what purpose the War on Terror is actually meant to serve.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, Revisited – Souciant

Photograph courtesy of airborneshodan. Published under a Creative Commons License. The World as Prison 20 December The French Inferno 12 December

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