to him by Dubai Laws Nos. 1 and 4 of 3. Date of enactment and commencement. These Regulations are made on and come into force on 15th January. Subject to regulation , Jafza Laws and the Federal laws of the UAE apply to a Company and a. Branch. Federal Law No. 2 of These Implementing Regulations are issued by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority . time by the authority) and elsewhere in accordance with all applicable laws.

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A new labour contract should be concluded, subject to the consent of both parties. In case of a pay raise, however, this procedure will not be required. A worker shall be entitled to an end-of-service gratuity if he has completed one or ruoes years of service.

Start taking advantage of all that the Free Zone has to offer. If treatment has taken more than six months, the aid will be reduced by half for the subsequent six months or until the worker recovers, is proved to be ruled or dies, whichever is shorter. How a labour contract is terminated in Jebel Ali Free Zone? Yes, he must, thereby giving all the concerned workers the opportunity to learn about them.

No, unless the subject of the contract place of the contract is linked and connected to the employer individually. Does a worker have the right to claim his labour rights in the absence of a written labour contract?

Is a worker entitled to a fully paid leave during the probation period?

What are the maximum working hours in Ramadan? Yes, it may but the employer should make sure that the conditions set forth are in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. If he has divulged a secret of the firm he works for. If the worker has impersonated another person, claimed a fake nationality or submitted forged certificates or documents. Compensation for partial disability: Is it permissible for an employer to impose as a disciplinary penalty a fine on any worker that exceeds his pay for five days?


Will the commission set forth in the labour contract be included in the calculation of the end-of-service ajfza A worker shall be entitled to a day unpaid Hajj leave once during the period of his contract. Yes, a worker shall have the right to claim his pay but shall be entitled to claim his leave allowances only for the last two years. Type Event Press Release Article. What are the maximum normal working hours? No disciplinary penalty can be imposed on any worker for an offence committed outside the workplace.

No it is not. In case a worker has sustained an industrial injury or an occupational disease, shall the employer be committed to pay the expenses of his medical treatment?

The employee filed a claim against the employer seeking amongst other entitlements end of service gratuity under the UAE Labour Law. Is a worker entitled to any pay for the leave?

Will a labour contract expire on the employer’s death? How is the end-of-service gratuity calculated? Will the employer be committed to pay financial aid to the uafza if the latter is jarza to have sustained an industrial injury or an occupational disease that has prevented him from performing his duties?

A worker is also entitled to an annual leave if he has completed 6 months, in which case he will be entitled for two days each month. If the employer or his legal representative has assaulted the worker.

Rules & Regulations | Jafza

What is the pay on the basis of which the worker’s end-of-service gratuity is calculated? Originally, a labour contract, which is a contract for a limited period, should be written in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Compensation for occupational disease leading to death: Does a worker have the right to claim his dues if one year has elapsed from the date they were due? What is the amount of compensation due to the worker’s family members in the event of his death as a result of an tules injury or an occupational disease?

If he has been under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at work. What procedures should be followed in case the worker gives rles consent?


Guidelines, Rules & Regulations

If the worker is under a probation period and dismissal has taken place during or at the end of the probation period. If he has been finally convicted by a competent court of a crime related to honour, honesty or public morals.

A worker shall be entitled to an end-of-service gratuity for the fraction of the year if he has completed one or more years of service. Yes, he will be paid according to the laws and regulations in force. A worker may not work for a third party without following the relevant legal procedures and checking with the Labour Affairs Section at Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Do Jebel Ali Free Zone Employment Rules supersede the UAE Labour Law?

A worker shall be granted an annual leave that may not be less than the following: Moreover, limited term contracts governed by JAFZ Employment Rules can be terminated on or before the expiry of the service period described in the contract, provided that a notice of termination jsfza a notice not to renew is given by either party.

Yes, provided that the deducted amount does not exceed 10 per cent of the pay. Can a worker work for another employer although his sponsorship is still on the original employer but he has obtained jaza no-objection certificate to work for a third party?

A labour contract shall expire either by mutual consent or at the end of its term and may expire in the event of death of either party. Will the labour relationship come to an end when the firm is sold to another employer? The same amount payable in the event rulws death, provided that it at shall not be less than AED 18, and no more than AED 35, What is the maximum length ruoes the probation period?

The worker works with a competitor. The overall gratuity should not exceed the remuneration of two years.

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