Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Jacques Ravatin – Emissions due to Forms

At the end of about an hour, the subject saw a circle of colors appear around the circumference of the cylinder, arranged in the order of the optical spectrum we know in optics. Soon we will start experiments on polluted water: Then, one lays out on the stems 23 two other ovoidal volumes 30 and 31 respectively, whose tops of lower angle of opening are also directed towards the center of the form F.

At that time, however, work was only done on the Taofel Ravahin of Belizal. The forms F1 and F2 are joined together between them using spacers 63 which are realized, preferably, in same material that the frames constituting the forms F1 and F2, for example out of very dry wood.

It is also possible to jaques shortened left cycloids, same as the periods of complete rotation of the circle around the straight one which are different of 2 pi radians, for example ranging between pi and 2 pi radians. We know that there was a significant relocation, a passage through a Fractal structure in which Tartini was indeed put in the presence of the devil-entity who played him the music in question. Table used by John Dee.

On the positive pole, facing north, a right magnet, a wooden cylinder was placed. The inventor moreover noted that the bound phenomenon of activation to the shapes of the curve CN, present a variable effectiveness according to the value of NR.

A high electrical voltage completes the device which, placed under a bed, provides a restful sleep. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Jacques Ravatin

Other researchers found the phenomenon. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. However, other shapes of electrodes can to be considered. At this level, we have rebalancers-emitters that compensate for harmful environments and eliminate the warning symptoms of more serious diseases fatigue, insomnia, nervous disorders, etc. In hole 5 one inserts into force a tube not represented traversed by fluid or conductive electric traversed by an electrical current, in order to apply has this fluid or with this electrical current the emissions due to form 1.


Q — So the jacaues of Emissions due to Forms would be the one where it remains possible, in spite of the evanescence of landmarks, to understand what is happening on the threshold of the incomprehensible? The artifacts of antiquity can also be at the origin of a similar discovery. Every day we check the power and efficiency of these symbols, which must be handled carefully.

The form can also manufactured using a control of appropriate form in which one makes fluid circulation fluid possible.

We have extended the notion of fractal object to all systems that, subject to emissions due to Forms, allow us to constantly move from Field to Field. Learn more at Author Central. Nevertheless, about the curves C 1C 2C 3 … one will keep rravatin denominations of cycloid.

Einstein did not say he jcques collected some major ideas of his theories to read … science fiction books! For this jaqcues, one uses fluid, preferably oil or oil, activated by means of the device and process described above, in which one carries out a hardening of glass placed at a temperature of C with C, preferably C with C.

This activation persists and is stabilized, same when the fluid one does not circulate any more, when the conduits are made out of particular alloys. The operation took place on living subjects. It often happens that several of them are projected simultaneously on the same place or at the same time to allow us to verify the information by cross-checking.

I then wondered if we were not dealing with a kind jacsues natural screen that hid most of the groundwater network from our research.

However, one could envisage other modes of fixing of the form F on its mounting. The truncated pyramid is obtained while cutting the top of the pyramid to the quarter length of its oblique edges, i. These activated microbubble glasses transmit their properties to the forms and objects which can be associated for them. It is a question of making circulate the fluid one to treat within the installation by means of compressed gas, under a pressure ranging between 1 and 8 bars. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


The activation indicates treatments making it possible to modify certain physical and chemical properties the fluid ones and the solid ones, these last said being then activated. Also claimed is an activation process using the above devices, where the fluid is circulated through the treatment unit using compressed gas at a pressure of bar. Labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres and labyrinth of Amiens below. Description — The invention is in the technical field of the activation of fluid and the solid ones.

Jacques Ravatin — Space & Fluid Activators

The Rabatin Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem, who once arose Taofel Fields so high, by the pronunciation of the name of God, that we understand why he must be alone in the Temple and say the sacred name in a low voice. To operate the present invention, one applies with electrodes 19 and a 22 positive potential which one increases gradually from zero up to a maximum value of at least 4r Kv.

Q — I guess that kind of investigation is not without obstacles and traps …. By arranging Forms on this Table, one obtains very large pulsating Emissions in extremely particular states. These two half hemispheres are hollow, thus defining four surfaces — S1 the outer surface of the outer hemisphere 11 — S2 the inner surface of the outer hemisphere 11 — S3 jacquds outer surface of the inner hemisphere 12 — S4 the inner surface of the inner hemisphere The object of the invention is to propose a device presenting characteristics strongly different from those of the apparatuses of the former art, for an effective activation of fluid, as well as purification of some of those, like water or smoke.

The main Hebrew words used for the detection of states.

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