Integracija Geografija, biologija, chemija, informacinės technologijos, istorija. Tirpinimas Plakimas Kočiojimas Mitybos vadovelis klasei. Leidykla ” Šviesa”. Junior secondary school includes grades seven through ten where the emphasis is on Lithuanian and world . Lietuva ir pasaulis: istorijos vadovėlis XII klasei. Norėtumėm pareikšti viltį, kad vadovėlis nors iš dalies pa- tenkins gyvą .. Lietuvos visuomenė XVII amž. Lietuvos ir Lenkijos valstybinės santvarkos blogybės;. „aukso laisvė”. į 5 klases ir ėjo 5 metus. Be lotynų kalbos, čia.

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Textbooks and study exercises – price comparison |

In order to achieve this objective, secondary objectives were devised. Istorija ir sovietinis propagandinis balastas. Students were not used to reading from monitors. Daily life is portrayed in several ways. The background of the page including the sources was different, resembling a parchment. Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas,p.

Nauju̜ju̜ amžiu̜ istorija: ; vadovelis klasei – Google Books

Hence, there are two types of textbooks: Other textbooks use different layouts with assignments such as: Under the Soviets, all history textbooks were written in Russian and published in Moscow.

Sometimes, it can be a hypothesis devised by Lithuanian researchers which is relevant for that time and forgotten nowadays; yet in other cases it can be various facts about the direct contacts and collaboration between Lithuania and other countries or simple family relations. During the period — improvements multiplied.


The present study focuses on older and newer textbooks for all grades, which are still in use. The author would include a few questions and assignments at the end of the chapter. Skip to main content. Junior secondary school includes grades seven through ten where the emphasis is on Lithuanian and world history from ancient times to the present. Ramses II, Darius4 revising the vadovelks important dates e. The results of this study cannot be discussed in a wider context due to the lack of similar studies.

Vqdovelis, the integration of world and Lithuanian history received some criticism owing to too much focus on world history at the expense of Lithuania When and How Has History Evolved? Currently, there is a large variety of new history textbooks available in Lithuania. They are as follows: However, no major changes occurred within textbook layout.

Textbooks and study exercises

Some authors analysed various aspects of history textbooks in periodicals but their studies are not supported by the primary research and remain highly controversial. As a result, studies focusing on these innovations do not exist; thus, the results of this study cannot be compared with other studies.

In the second stage of istodijos research the author focused klase the remaining 20 textbooks. In attempts were made to publish history textbooks in Lithuania; however, owing to Russification and Sovietisation, these textbooks were saturated with communist and Russian interpretations.

The textbook Lithuania in the World: Textbook istorjos the Seventh Grade the section The Achievements of Mesopotamia includes a short introduction to discussion questions such as: Several criteria were used in the textbook selection process.


Later, these textbooks were translated into Lithuanian and became compulsory in all schools in Lithuania. Textbooks introduce students to various sources and include guidelines explaining how students should analyse these sources.

The textbook The Path: Soldiers from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania played a significant role in the wars against the Turks. Pasaulio ir Lietuvos istorija: Whereas previous textbooks were published without any illustrations, now they can contain up to istlrijos per cent of the textbook content.

Some authors provide age appropriate memoirs and stories for children and teenagers. Besides, these questions can act as review questions for studying. Today, similar topics can be found in other history textbooks. The newer generation of textbooks did not gain popularity. To facilitate the teaching of local history, some districts compiled programs and history textbooks for towns and counties, for example, the textbook History of Kaunas for grade five.

The second way to present local history is by using history sources, such as documents, statistics, maps, photographs and other material related with smaller towns and the countryside. The article analyses recent innovations in Lithuanian history textbooks.

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