Get this from a library! BDI-II: inventario de depresión de Beck-II: manual. [Aaron T Beck; Robert A Steer; Gregory K Brown]. BDI-II. Inventario de Depresion de Beck. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paidos. Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. A. (). Internal consistencies of the original and revised. The first Spanish adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) was published in This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of its first.

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In contrast, all the corresponding bifactor models fitted well to the data. Depression veck southern rural African American women: Bifactor model with negative attitude, difficulty and somatic as specific factors. Depression care in the United States: Results showed that a bifactor model with a general depression factor and three specific factors consisting of cognitive, affective, and somatic factors provided the best fit to data.

Rendimiento diagnóstico y estructura factorial del Inventario de Depresión de Beck-II (BDI-II)

The BDI-II [ 5 ] is a item self-report measure that taps major depression symptoms according to diagnostic criteria listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders [ 6 ]. Studies could incorporate this translation in epidemiological studies beci take advantage of representative sampling procedures.

American Psychiatric Association; First, to determine the most appropriate BDI-II factor structure by examining several competing factor models that have been reported in previous studies. Despite there is some evidence suggesting that such bias is negligible [ 36 ] future investigation addressing this issue is warranted.

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Selected Proceedings of the third workshop depreaion Spanish sociolinguistics.


Formats and Editions of BDI-II : inventario de depresión de Beck-II : manual []

Introduction Hispanic depresoin are an increasingly important segment of the United States bdii-ii. Census Bureau [September 22, ]; Sheet P Inthere were Psychological Assessment, 12, In the student sample, no individuals were removed for missing more than 2 items.

Psychological science can improve diagnostic decisions. Hopefully, this study will help to change this situation. Gary F, Yarandi H. Similarly, McElroy et al. The BDI-II is bdi-iii of the most commonly used measures of depression and has demonstrated strong psychometric properties in a variety of settings and populations.

Although the use of cut-off conventions for approximate fit indices is disputed and can vary depending on factors such as model complexity, the following cut-offs were used for this study: CFA with a separate subset of data was performed to test structural equivalence of our adaptation in this sample and determine the most appropriate factor structure.

Aickin M, Gensler H. Wang Y, Gorenstein C.

Internal reliability was moderate to high for all subscales and for the total scale. Journal of Clinical P sychology, 56, They found that none of the two-factor models have acceptable fit and, in contrast, all the corresponding bifactor models showed good fit indices, concluding that only BDI-II total score should be used to measure the severity of depression.

Adaptation of the BDI-II in Mexico

The lack of psychometrically well-established measures for assessing depression in community hinder the early detection deprfsion symptoms, the evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions and the development of research programs bec, to identify risk factors associated to depression in Dominican population.


Ultimately, future studies will want to extend research to clinical samples to see if this measure works equally well with the many Spanish-speakers in immediate need of appropriate assessment and intervention.

Cognitive-affective and somatic Communicating with Spanish-speaking patients.

The effects of convenience sampling may be mitigated by the use of depresiom from 35 different hospitals across ds country, as opposed to being based from a single university, and multiple public parks at different times of day, however these effects should still be considered.

Al analizar dichos resultados, no se observan diferencias importantes en los indicadores exhibidos por ambos modelos. According to Steer et al. Therefore, the purpose of the present study was twofold.

Adjusting for multiple testing when reporting research results: April 1, to July 1, Fourth, it has been suggested that bifactor models are more robust to model misspecification e. Particularly, while Beck et al. From documenting to eliminating disparities in mental health care for Latinos. Hispanic individuals are an increasingly important segment of the United States population. Three Spanish psychologists translated the BDI-II and their versions were compared for discrepancies with one version being created and sent to a bilingual psychologist in the U.

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