Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin Interview with an Exorcist by José Antonio Fortea The Rite by Matt Baglio The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott I Am Not. by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants . Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA[]. By: FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA. Many current movies like Constantine, Hellboy and.

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Always went to Catholic schools, have two Aunts that are Nuns, but, do my own research. Upon entering the seminary, he clearly understood that the priesthood was his calling. Whether or not you are a believer in demonic possession, the story of Father Jose Antonio Fortea, a real life exorcist, is fascinating. This book very interesting to me. I am writing a novel right now and this book helped me in my research.

No trivia or quizzes yet. She told the people in the room that I was asking for her name. Be the first to ask a question about Interview with an Exorcist. Father Fortea acknowledges that up until his adolescence, religion lacked importance for him and that the concept of sin seemed to be a A priest and theologian who specializes in demonology.

So, the first case was sent to me by my pastor. Dry, preachy, catholic propaganda in a Frequently Asked Questions form. His father was a businessman and did not expect him to become a priest, but to take charge of the family business since he was his only son.

But we can recognize that, and we can also recognize people improving with prayer. Something strange has happened to them, but they are not crazy.

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I tend to fall somewhere in woth middle. Based on exorcixt original thesis, I felt that the interviee should be in the hands of the people, so that they could get help.

For someone looking for sensational movie-like or fictional accounts of exorcism, this isn’t the book for you. The case was made famous because, to my dismay, they introduced a hidden camera and broadcast it on TV. It does not matter whether these forces are good or evil; a witch or sorcerer seeks to harness their power.

Dec 30, Sheree Krause rated it really liked it Shelves: Still a good book that’s worth reading though. This took place more and more once Father Gabriel started speaking throughout Italy.

The range of opinions regard possession and exorcism in my class ranged from esorcist who all suspected it was bunk to those who wanted to buy the whole Exorcist movie lock, stock, and barrel. I actually picked up this book after a fairly interesting discussion concerning exorcism in one of my classes.

Jesus told me I was once possessed with three demonic spirits, who must’ve had enough of Wn, because I was never exorcised. I was so completely wrong. I can’t remember precisely what they were, but it wasn’t a downright heresy. She began to reply in Spanish, with a fully memorized version of the Psalm. I picked this book up because, in researching Catholic exorcism for iwth book I’m writing, Interview with an Exorcist was listed in several resources online.

Many people suffer from demons, but don’t suffer from possession.

Theological qn needed before opening this book. I find this scary. Jul 03, Jeremy Walker rated it really liked it. Exlrcist course, most books on the subject are written from the perspective of the Catholic Church while Protestantism tends to ignore the subject all together.

What I’ve witnessed sometimes, though not always, is the ability to speak in other languages, great strength, knowledge of things impossible for them to know, and levitation twice. Satan’s kingdom in full of anger and hatred, while God’s is full of love and gentleness.


Interview With a Real Life Exorcist

Reading this book was an attempt on my part to simply learn more about possession. The question and answer format made this book easy exorcits read. That was the case where levitation occurred twice, and many other strange phenomenon.

Interview With an Exorcist: Interview with an Exorcist: It is about the battle of good and evil and the humble yet very special role of an exorcist, a holy man of God. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Interview With a Real Life Exorcist | LoveToKnow

We’ve had cases where psychologists are given a demonic case and they simply don’t know what to do. Fortea uses an ideology based firmly on the text of the Bible and the teachings of the Church, and what’s most important is that he de-glamorizes demonic possession I decided to go to the source and read it myself.

Jul 17, Kyrsten rated it it was amazing. So they carried her to my parish. Although interrview may argue that demonic possession, demonic infestation, etc.

Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA, The Mustard Seed Bookshop

She never suffered again. It’s a real fear.

It was only after my first book that many more cases began inteerview themselves. A lot of interesting information about exorcists and exorcisms, but I was wish there were more stories and information about actual exorcisms.

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